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Sean Floyd in Dover - CNU Fit

Sean Floyd

I can remember being a little kid, training in the backyard or at the local playground with my big brother. I can hear him now “come on, one more” yelling and motivating me to be great. It was at that moment I realized how much I loved fitness. As I got older, that work ethic my older brother instilled in me only increased. I carried that “hard work pays off” attitude with me through sports and the classroom. When I finally arrived at Delaware State, I didn’t know what direction I was going to go in, but I knew I wanted to have an impact on kids the same way my brother had an impact on me. Initially I thought Sports Management was going to satisfy my needs of working with kids and athletes. After a year I realized that I would not be working with kids and athletes hands on the way I hoped too, so I decided to transfer majors to Movement Science.

It was here that I met Mrs. Gomez, my anatomy and physiology teacher. She made learning fun. She was young and relatable and brought energy to the classroom. It was at that point I started to follow her and shadow here in the athletic room. Where she was a full time athletic trainer for Delaware State. I learned so much from her and I got the chance to work with athletes directly. After 100 hours of taping and helping athletes rehabilitate from injuries, I came to the realization that I wanted to be the guy that got them stronger, faster and build their mental toughness. With the help from her and couple other professors’ guidance I was led down the path of Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Personal Trainer.

Personal Training was the field that I chose. It allows me to interact with all different type of people, ages, and background. I found that I have such a major impact on not just athletes but ordinary people, which encouraged me to go pursue my certification in Personal Training. I’m also working towards receiving my Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification as well.

In 2015 I competed in my first Men’s Physique Competition as a NPC competitor where I placed 8th. This lead me to receive sponsorship for several different companies. My love and passion for Personal Training has opened many doors for me in my life, and I know it will open healthy doors and opportunities for my clients as well.

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