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Enroll Today! Group Strength Training in Dover Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals!

“I Know What You Are Thinking….”

  • You hate working out for hours at a gym.
  • You don’t know what to eat to lose weight.
  • You have trouble sticking to a fitness routine.
  • You have limited time for yourself to get in shape.

Unlike big gyms, you will never be intimidated or have to deal with overcrowding. This program is for all fitness levels. If you are a beginner that has never been in a gym or a top-level athlete looking for your next challenge. Our Group Strength Training program is the right choice for you!

Group Strength Training

There is also a conditioning portion required for each level’s advancement. Through scientific testing and months of development in our system, these exercises have been proven to allow you to demonstrate personal fitness growth in each major muscle group, as well as cardiovascular conditioning.

CNU Group Strength Training in Dover will Boost your Metabolism in 30 Minutes! 

You may be thinking, “Why is Group Strength Training a good fit for me?”

Group Strength Training keeps you motivated. It gives you clear and specific goals to strive for while ensuring that you are achieving balanced, full-body fitness. It also provides a sense of healthy competition and peer accountability. This is why Group Strength Training is The solution to your problems…

  • It keeps you Motivated!
  • It gives you an abundance of short-term goals to reach.
  • The testing days develop so much positive energy, everyone wants to be a part of it.
  • With our every changing workouts, you will never be bored again.
  • You become part of the team.
  • Everyone helps each other reach their true potential.
  • Group Strength Training gets you RESULTS.

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