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Craig Brown in Dover - CNU Fit

Craig Brown

Fitness and exercise has always been a significant part of my life, even before I fully understood the term "fitness and exercise." My interest into the realm of fitness began at the age of 7. My two older brothers, Tony age 11 and Mike age 14, participated in basketball, football, and wrestling, and as they were exercising with their friends in the basement of my home, they became curious of my potential abilities. Not having ever benched pressed before, I became excited as they increased the weight to 50 lbs. As my brother Mike spotted me, I pressed the bar off my chest one time and fell in live with exercising ever since.

  As I grew, my interests began to steer towards martial arts, in addition to my weight training, and as I entered high school, I was more than half way to becoming a black belt in Tang Soo Do. Karate soon took a back seat as I began to enthrall myself into both track and football. I had an extremely successful high school career in both sports, track as a sprinter and football as a running back, which prompted me to pursue football at the collegiate level. 

  During my years at Delaware State University, I was granted the opportunity to pursue my true calling, personal training. After 6 very successful years of football, I decided to leave the sport behind. Injuries are a reality of the game, but ultimately I simply lost interest in the sport. As I left football behind, I reacquainted myself with karate. Myself and a few fellow, certified, martial arts enthusiasts began a self defense fitness club in the DSU wellness center, appointing me as the group fitness trainer and program designer. 

  During my final two years at DSU, I attained a personal training certification through the American Fitness Institute and began a small personal training business, serving the DSU wellness center community. I graduated from DSU with a degree in movement science, strength and conditioning concentration. Following my graduation, I landed a position as the personal training director for a community college wellness center. Some of my responsibilities included personal training, program design, and creating seasonal fitness events for the college community. 

  Although I enjoyed my position, I was still seeking advancements in my career. After I discovered CNU FIT, I immediately became extremely interested in becoming part of the family. Never before had I seen such a genuine drive to serve the people, augmented by the plethora of resources used to enforce a successful fitness journey. CNU FIT welcomed me with open arms, and I look forward to being part of the family for many years to come. 

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