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Alexus Stroud

I've been an athlete my entire life. From age 4 all the way up through college, I played basketball and, even though I stopped playing competitively when I left college, I still play a game here and there. 


I started my college career at Wesley College majoring in Criminal Justice, though that soon changed as I faced my own health and fitness journey. Through my years of playing basketball I experienced many injuries that left me in physical therapy for months at a time, during which I continued to gain more weight. By my freshman year I weighed 205 lbs and struggled to get it off because I was limited to crutches due to a new injury.


It was then that I knew I needed to make a change with my health and fitness.


Throughout the summer I exercised twice a day and completely changed my nutrition habits. As I slowly began to see changes in my body, my energy levels increased dramatically. No longer did I wake up feeling sluggish, but energized and ready to begin my day. My journey did not happen overnight, but it was worth the increase in confidence, self-esteem, and self love that I experienced.


I went from the kid that hated taking pictures and always wore a long sleeve shirt and oversized clothes to hide my body, to someone who is truly confident in themselves. When I entered my sophomore year of college I weighed 185 lbs and continued my weightloss journey. By the time I reached my senior year I weighed 145 lbs. I was healthy, lean, and at my best performance. With the increase in my activity levels, I no longer experienced injuries while playing basketball...a first in my long history.


Though I was satisfied with my external results, what really made me happy was my entire lifestyle change. I no longer worried about what people thought of my body because I fit my clothes the way I always dreamed of and I felt comfortable in my own skin.


Because of the transformation focusing on my fitness and nutrition brought to my life, both physically and emotionally, I decided to make an impact on others in the same positive way, which is why I switched my major. I knew that while many people desire change in their lives when it comes to their health, most do not have the support necessary to succeed. I wanted to be that support and help individuals create their own success story. 


Being a part of CNU Fit is the best decision I could haveN made, and I am honored and blessed to be able to help people everyday become the best version of themselves.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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