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Tina Butkus

I am a daughter, wife, mother, and now work as a full time registered nurse in an emergency department at a local hospital.

I began my career in healthcare as a hospital administrator at the General Surgery and also the Urology Departments at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I then moved with Dr. Norwood, a world renowned pediatric cardiologist, when he opened the Nemour's Cardiac Center at the A.I. DuPont Children's Hospital.

 After taking a break from my hospital administration career to raise my children, I realized that by keeping my children busy with activities, I also desired to keep my fitness in check as I was entering my thirties. My body was now less forgiving for the neglect over the years of poor eating habits and fitness routines. While I always worked out with cardiovascular exercise such as running and biking in my early years, I now started attending and participating with my children at events such as karate and soccer over the years.

I even broke some ribs, but stubbornly fought through the injury, obtaining a first place standing at a karate tournament years ago.  I always stayed active in hopes to ignite my children's passion in staying physically active but also to show them that age has no limitations.  

Once my children reached their teen years, I returned to college and completed my nursing degree and obtained my registered nurse (RN) certification and licensing. During my time studying at Delaware Technical College, I also obtained employment as a student nurse extern in the 2C Trauma Unit at Christiana Hospital.

Since then, I've worked as a cardiac nurse, before settling in at the Emergency Room Observation Unit at Christiana Hospital. I also continued my education during this time, obtaining my Bachelor's degree in nursing at Immaculata University. I continue to work as a full time registered nurse to this day. 

As a woman now in my forties (and soon to be 50 years old), I realized that the metabolism of the human body adjusts over time, making it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy body. I continued to develop my fitness routines into a passion for an understanding of what was a proper fit and physique.

 I saw only moderate results in return for all of the effort I was putting in, with this physical exercise regimen taking up a lot of my limited free time. I soon realized the importance of the essential inclusion of balanced nutrition into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body.

I have since completed my certification in nutrition, while also developing a keen understanding of the human body's anatomy, physiology, and metabolism over the years. As a nurse, I provide discharge instructions to my patients, but I never get to follow through with my patients once they are discharged from my care in the hospital setting.

I now have the opportunity to help others with the training knowledge and experience I have gained over my lifetime. I have always enjoyed passing on my knowledge to others, and I now have the opportunity to reach countless others as I monitor their progress as a nutrition coach here at CNU Fit.   

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