Weight loss Coach: Essential questions to ask yourself before starting a diet

Weight loss Coach: Essential questions to ask yourself before starting a diet

Who are you dieting for?

In other words: what’s your true motivation for wanting to change your body?

Unless you address underlying beliefs and judgements about yourself, it will never be enough to reach a certain scale weight or body composition.

Those beliefs and judgements will still be there.

And not only will they still be there, but you’ll struggle to see your goals through because they’re coming from a place of self-loathing.

After all—when is the last time you started and finished something that you hated doing?

So let’s take a step back. In this article, we’ve got a few questions to ask yourself before you start that new diet plan.

Answering these questions will ensure:

1. You’re ready for true transformation (inside and out) and

2. You’ll sustain your progress long-term

Let’s dive in!

Reflecting on your motivation to change

Most of us start new diets and fitness regimes with loads of motivation.

We have idyllic visions of losing body fat, feeling healther, and performing well in the gym.

And that’s great! It is wonderful to pursue better health, body composition goals, and performace goals.

But here is the reality that is often overlooked:

Many of us are also motivated by wanting love and acceptance from others.

We aspire to fit a certain mold. To look a certain way.

Deep down, the desire to be seen is often the true motivation behind our endeavor.

We understand and are right there with you. Zero judgement.

It’s hard to get through life without wondering, “Does my physical appearance play a role in how I rank socially?”

Being praised for our looks is so prominent in our society. Our desire to fit the beauty standards is becoming a higher and higher priority.

So let’s talk about it, who exactly are you dieting for?

Questions to ask before starting a diet

1. What are your expectations for your nutrition plan?

So now you’re ready to begin your new nutrition and/or fitness plan.

Ask yourself: what are my expectations for this plan?

You are probably looking forward to seeing a physical transformation, but what else are you expecting? A mindset shift, a happiness shift? It’s important to recognize your expecations to make sure they are realistic and to analyze the reasoning behind them.

2. Who are you, beyond your physical body?

Aside from being someone who eats well and exercises, who are you?

Identifying only with your body will leave you in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction. During your health and fitness journey, it’s important to reflect on (and frequently revisit) all the other aspects of life that you identify with, like being a parent, a spouse, or a friend.

3. Are your expectations for your body reasonable?

The next question to ask yourself is about the level of control you want to have over your body. There’s no way around it—human bodies fluctuate, constantly!

Stress, sleep, the temperature, workout intensity, illness, all of these things can effect your body. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration by releasing the idea that you’re only your best self when you look a certain way.

4. Is this something you can sustain long term?

Many people begin health and fitness plans from a state of desperation. They are willing to do just about anything to see quick changes on the scale or in the mirror. But at CNU Fit, we believe strongly in plans that are sustainable for the long-term. No “quick fixes” here.

You want to make sure that whatever you’re doing is not going to add signfigicant stress to your life because it will only prevent you from long-term success.


By asking yourself these questions you can navigate what type of program will be best for you.



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