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Surviving Thanksgiving: Common Holiday Challenges and How to Solve Them

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Surviving Thanksgiving: Common Holiday Challenges and How to Solve Them

Are you worried that this holiday season will leave you 10 lbs heavier? You're not alone!

In fact, it's this time of the year where most people gain the weight they'll be looking to lose come January first.

It doesn't have to be that way! At CNU Fit we believe that you shouldn't have to choose between your favorite foods and being fit. There's tools and strategies that you can use to enjoy Thanksgiving AND feel confident that you're still moving towards your goals.

Let's talk about some common misconceptions when it comes to the holidays, and some solutions you can use to overcome them confidently.

1.Visiting Family means eating all your childhood favorites and it's hard to say no.


  • Practice gratitude for the loved one who prepared the meal. Use this as a time to connect with them, not just their food.
  • Take small portions of your favorites and connect with the significance of that dish. Why does it feel special to you? What positive memories are associated with it?
  • Eat the food. Often, the temptation to overeat stems from food restriction and the stress that comes with it. By removing the "off-limits" label from holiday treats, you can lighten the psychological load you're carrying.

Expecting perfection during a high-temptation situation isn't realistic. When you realize you're not restricted in what you can eat, it makes it easier to stop eating after the first serving. Hey, and don't forget to enjoy it!

2. Drinking more alcohol lightens social anxiety, so drink up!


  • Sleep well the night before so that you're in a calmer fram of mind
  • Use a mindfulness app, like Calm or Headspace, before you head out.
  • When you find yourself feeling stressed, take five deep breaths.
  • If you don't want to drink- keep a non-alcoholic drink on hand at all times to help create a placebo (make you feel like you're drinking) and to keep your hands busy. This can limit the number of times people offer you another drink.
  • Communicate with a trusted person that this is a stressful situation for you and that you might need a check-in. This could be someone at the event or someone you could shoot a quick text to the next day to stay accountable.

3. Big social gatherings make it hard to keep track o how much you're eating, there are SO many options and it's overwhelming.


  • Don't put anything on your plate until you've taken a tour of all the options. Ask yourself, "Is this what i really, really want?" If not, you can probably leave it withought feeling like you've missed out.
  • Realize that you can go back for more. You are not restricted. Fill your plate with lean protein and greens then wait 15 minutes before going back for you favorite sides or dessert. You'll be surprised by the better food choices you make when you're already feeling satiated.
  • Don't track then. Instead, focus on balanced food choices. For example: lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats and carbs. Once you've included those must-haves on your plate, there probably isn't much room left for anything else and you've likely just made yourself a lovely, well-rounded meal full of nutrients!

4. Everyone is overindulging in food and drink and it's hard not to do the same.


  • Put your fork down between bites. Chew your food thoroughly, aiming to be the last person still eating. Gamifying it can make it more fun and give you some extra motivation to take your time.
  • Bring inspiration with you to the party. For example, set your phone background to something that reconnects you with your goals or set a phone reminder every few hours at the party with a "you got this" to yourself.
  • Start journaling. If you already journal, journal. more. Write a list of your goals and why they are important to you. Set a daily intention to do one thing that moves you toward your goals, which will help you remove focus from the actions that don't align with your goals.

Remeber that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed! Hopefully these tips help you navigate Thanksgiving confidently. If you're new to a weightloss journey, or feeling stuck, now is a great time to enlist the help of a coach. Give us a call at 302-689-3489 to learn about how you can work with a 1:1 coach.


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