Heather and Dora's Success Story

Heather is a 13 year old student at Caesar Rodney High School. She has two siblings and enjoys her family time. Heather often expressed an interest in losing weight and getting healthy, so her mother Dora attended occasional Weight Watchers meeting with her. But, it wasn’t working for Dora and she didn’t think that it would work for Heather either. When Dora heard Evans speak at a local conference, she was convinced CNU Fit was the place for her daughter.

As a client of CNU Fit, Heather has lost 22lbs in a little over 3 months. When asked what she likes most about the program, Heather said “I like that I get to choose my own meals, and choose my style of exercise.”

Because this weight loss journey has truly been a collaborative effort between mother and daughter, we also asked Dora what she liked most about the program, “I have seen a lot of discipline in Heather, I’m actually copying from her! It has really helped her with sticking to her portions, and not eating junk food”

The decision to come to CNU Fit has certainly paid off for the Eyong family, it’s a decision they made together, it’s a decision that will affect Heathers future “you name it I’ve done it” said Dora, “none have worked like the results we have seen in Heather.”

Both mother and daughter agreed that the program at CNU Fit is worth both their time and financial investment, “this investment in your child’s health is better than any other investment you could make" - Dora Eyong

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