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CNU Fit Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: week 4

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CNU Fit Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: week 4

Have you ever had that moment when you looked at the calendar and realized holy moly a month has gone by and nothing has changed? That was me this week. I wasn’t even confident to take my measurements on Monday because I knew that they would show what I didn’t want to acknowledge: that not following my meal plan was putting me in the opposite direction of where I needed to go.


I only worked out three days last week, compared to the five or six I usually do, and on top of that I didn’t measure any food and pretty much ate cheese and fruit all week.


No bueno.


So after looking at some pictures of when I first tried on my wedding dress I realized that I needed to get serious. And serious for me meant following my meal plan and getting in my cardio no matter what.


The meal plan wasn’t as bad this week, even though I didn’t meal prep like I intended. I just tried my best to hit my calories and focus on my macros, and didn’t beat myself up too much when it didn’t turn out as planned. There are a few days that I didn’t get enough fat or carbs in, but I was happy that I was at least in my calorie range.


Cardio was another story.


In addition to my 30 minute training sessions, I tried getting in 15 minutes of HITT and 30 minutes of steady state. That 30 minutes decreased as the week progressed because stuff got in the way. Good intentions are great, but they don’t guarantee results.


My goal is to do my steady state and HITT everyday in addition to my sessions, and I know I’ll get there. A few weeks ago I read this awesome book called The Compound Effect, which talks about how small decisions have a huge impact down the line. So this week I took some small steps towards reaching my goal and in the weeks to come they will amount to something great.


I’m actually looking forward to my measurements on Monday. Even if they aren’t where I want them to be, I know I can only do better from here.

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