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Crystal Hurley MS, RD, LDN in Dover - CNU Fit

Crystal Hurley MS, RD, LDN

In my adolescent years, being physically active and eating a balanced diet was ingrained in my everyday life. My dad got me into running, and both parents instilled healthy eating into my life. My mom even saw a registered dietitian who helped her lose weight when I was very young. As an adolescent, I felt good, I moved a lot, I loved running, life was pretty good. Then, my parents went through a divorce; it took its toll on me. Life changed, dramatically. I stopped exercising, food was an afterthought, and life got sluggish, and sadness crept in. Life seemed out of control.

Life continued to be unhealthy, but I kept my head above water, and applied to college. I had no idea what I wanted to do, and little motivation, BUT I GOT IN! I settled on a major in Chemistry at the University of Delaware as it would help in many different career fields.

However, paying for school is not easy, so I had to pick up a few jobs. I was constantly tired, rarely eating anything healthy, gaining weight, and I was still pretty sad. But, I was determined to gain my life back, to get moving, to be happy again. But I had to get motivated to change my lifestyle.

So I began to eat better, to the best of my limited knowledge at the time, and I took the time to get my runs in that I missed so much. Before I knew it I was smiling more, I was no longer needing naps, I was happy again. Now, I certainly still had to pull all-nighters, but my quality of life changed because of the dietary and physical active modifications I was bringing back into my life.

At this point I knew my major had to switch to dietetics. I wanted to become a Registered Dietitian to get the word out about how the science of food can change every aspect of your life, your mood, and your spirit.

I obtained my Bachelor of Science degrees in both Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics from the University of Delaware. From there I moved to Portland, Maine and practiced Clinical Nutrition for three years. I moved back to Delaware in 2011 after accepting placement in a Dietetic Internship through the University of Delaware. I finished this internship in May 2012. This granted me eligibility to sit for the Commission on Dietetic Registration’s national dietitian examination. On June 8, 2012 I passed the exam and became certified with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a Registered Dietitian. Most recently I have completed my graduate work and have obtained my Master’s Degree. Also, since my unhealthy lifestyle has ceased to exist, I have run countless half marathons, 5 marathons, and have lost about 25 pounds of dead weight. I also have an amazing Husband and two wonderful step daughters that I do not believe I would have if I did not change my way of living.

Something that sets me apart from others in my field is empathy. I cannot count the number of times where patients have said to me, “I was so scared and anxious to come in here, but you did not judge me, you saw me as a person…” All too often we all feel judged, and not confident in our own capabilities, so we never take the first step in the right direction. So we all need an empathetic person who can invest in us and help us take that first step.

CNU Fit has provided me a platform to do what I love, and that is changing lives through how we fuel our bodies. I am a firm believer that happiness is a product of healthy behaviors, and I look forward to helping you instill those healthy behaviors into your own life.

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