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Deborah Spruance in Dover - CNU Fit

Deborah Spruance

Deborah, who was born and raised in Delaware began life as an average child, filled with pure joy & happiness! However, one day she felt like all joy was swallowed up in just a spilt second. By the age of four, Deborah lost her mother. Six years later, she suffered a tragic loss of her father. Both were due to health-related illnesses. From that day on, Deborah’s childhood had its challenges. Nevertheless, Deborah continued to embark of new adventures!

Although Deborah was very young and ignorant of her parent’s health circumstances, she used those events as motivation for a healthier lifestyle and a more fulfilling future, which she first achieved spiritually and academically. Later, Deborah then found an outlet athletically, through sports which she loved. From that day forward, Deborah knew that she had to make healthier life choices and eating habits. Still, maintaining overall good health and nutrition was not a walk in the park, which led Deborah to further her education in the healthcare profession; where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Athletic Training, and a minor in Strength & Conditioning from Neumann University.

Now that Deborah is a member of the CNU Fit family, she looks forward to taking her knowledge, skills, and experiences gained thus far to render the best services to everyone! Deborah hopes to inspire and motivate those who may be struggling with nutrition, weight loss, body image, or other health related diseases and push each client to their upper limits, as there were critical points in her life where she needed to lifted up and stretched. Therefore, if you are looking for that someone, Deborah, as well as the CNU Fit family is waiting for you! One may ask, Why CNU Fit? CNU Fit is not an average gym. Not only does CNU Fit holds to very strong core values and a distinct mission, but the moment you step in the door everyone is embraced with a warm welcome and treated as a valued client.

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