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Gabrielle Webb in Dover - CNU Fit

Gabrielle Webb

I grew up in Texas, playing every sport possible. Physically I was skinny, which surprisingly I hated. I’ve been called “too thin” and “boney.” It showed me very early that individuals of all shapes and sizes struggle with body image issues. I would characterize my transformation as one of developing strength and health from the inside out.

I first stepped foot in the gym at age 19 with my first fitness goal: abs. I even remember asking every individual “how do i get abs.” At first, I did everything wrong: from low calorie diets to excess cardio and even binge eating. I was the cardio queen. When I finally discovered weight training and macronutrients, it all clicked! I finally felt more confident outside of the gym.

During college, I studied Kinesiology and I quickly became fascinated with how much I was learning. I became passionate for health and fitness. However, after college I got pregnant with my first child and everything I learned shattered. I was scared to workout, believed myths, and gained 70 pounds. That was my weakest point.

I finally decided to stop feeling disappointed with myself and start to take control of my body. I lost the 70+ pounds and dedicated my life to fitness and nutrition. I know the courage to make that leap was only possible because of the strength, confidence and determination I developed through health and fitness.

Later, I found out I was pregnant again, and decided this time it would be different. I had a fit prenatal journey and gained 20 pounds. I am now a mother of two, fit, healthy and loving life. The amount of knowledge I gained and applied to achieve my goals to have a healthy lifestyle became hugely beneficial. Due to this goal, I want to have a positive impact on other individuals’ lives.

CNUFit, has benefited myself in various ways. Not only am I becoming a stronger person both internally and externally. I'm learning that as long as you have somebody who believes in you, you will always be on the right path to reach your goal. With that said, that is exactly what we do at CNUFit. We encourage individuals and help them maintain and reach their goals.

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