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Lose Weight, Increase strength, have more energy, and fit your clothes better with our personalized approach

At CNU Fit, we eliminate the confusion and frustration with traditional gyms and group studios. There are no classes, where you feel like a number, no high-impact exercises that strain your joints, and no more feeling lost not knowing if you have the right workouts for your specific needs.

Here it’s different, it’s personal training customized for you, your body, your goals, your injuries and your needs. With us, you’re not just a member. You are a part of a supportive community that will keep you accountable as you are guided by a coach every step of the way. We like to say if Physical Therapy and Personal Training had a baby it would be CNU Fit.

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Personal Training

Each workout is customized with you in mind working with a coach that understands your body and your goals.

This isn’t yoga or massage, it’s hands-on assisted stretching! You will move better, work out better, and feel better, because we reduce stress and increase mobility.

From the time you walk in the door you are greeted by name so you’ll always feel welcomed, safe, accepted and part of the family. You’ll never feel gym intimidation.

Most of us at this point of life have evidence. From neck to feet there is something that is “challenging” or doesn’t move like it used to. We take that into consideration with your intake so no high impact workouts that hurt your joints.

We don’t just focus on one aspect of fitness. We focus on fitness, eating, lifestyle, sleep and all the things that can influence your goals.

Just show up and we’ll do the rest. You’re never alone here. No more showing up and not knowing what to do. You don’t have to think.

Let's Get You Moving!

We make it really simple.

Book a consultation with our team

We'll talk about your goals, what you're looking for, answer all of your questions and see if CNU Fit is a good fit for you!

We make a plan for you

When you decide to become a part of the family, we’ll personalize your program based on your current level of fitness, injuries & goals.

Show Up

Just show up & we'll take care of the rest. Within your first few sessions you’ll feel the difference in your strength & energy levels.

Ready to start your journey?

The CNU Fit Revolution


Supportive Coaching Every Step of the Way

You are a go-getter in so many areas of your life. You work hard, you thrive in your profession and you give your family your all. However, your professional and personal success has often come at a cost – your health.

You dream of fitting into the clothes in the back of your closet and eating regular foods without gaining weight. You have noticed that you don’t have the energy to manage a busy day without needing a nap or that extra coffee. You don’t know what to do to get the results you want and you’ve tried a lot of programs that didn’t work in the long term. On top of that, going to the gym on your own is intimidating because you don’t want to risk injury.

The truth is, you’re not alone. You are just like all of our clients who need the support and accountability to help make their health a priority. You’ve given your all to your career and family and should be proud of that! But now it is time to dedicate yourself to a new cause: YOU. It’s time to put yourself back on the priority list and we would be so honored to be part of your journey.

You need a better way to integrate healthy habits into your life long-term. That is why our personal training programs in Dover are built around keeping you accountable to an individualized and proven plan that is focused on healthy results. If you are ready to lose weight, fit your clothes better, increase your confidence, and boost your energy, fill out the short form below today!

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Our Fitness Programs

CNU Fit will help you reach your goals!

Personal Training

Transform your fitness with CNU Fit’s personalized training! Our expert coaches customize workouts for your body and goals, helping you lose weight, build strength, and boost energy. Injury or limitation?

No problem – we specialize in safe, results-driven programs for everyone.

Experience the power of one-on-one support, flexible scheduling, and a community that celebrates your success.

Stretch Therapy

Rediscover freedom of movement with CNU Fit’s Stretch Therapy.

Our skilled therapists create personalized plans to relieve pain, increase flexibility, and improve your overall well-being.

Whether you’re an athlete seeking greater range of motion or simply want

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