Personal Training

Unlock a personalized fitness journey tailored for adults over 40


With our training, you’ll find strength, vitality, and wellness customized to your goals and fitness level. Say goodbye to generic gym experiences and hello to a supportive community where you’re guided every step of the way. Transform your life with workouts that fit your schedule and needs.

Why Choose Personal Training?

Here’s what CNU Fit Personal Training Includes:

Transform your fitness with CNU Fit’s personal training!

Our expert coaches customize workouts for your body and goals, helping you lose weight, build strength, and boost energy. 

Injury or limitation?

No problem – we specialize in safe, results-driven programs for everyone.

Experience the power of support, flexible scheduling, and a community that celebrates your success.

Eager to initiate your transformation? Hit the button below to chat with a coach and kickstart your tailored fitness journey with us today!

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Transform Your Fitness with Personalized Training in Dover

Experience the Difference with Personal Training at CNU Fit. We are proud to offer personalized training programs, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and transform your life.

With a 14-year track record of success in Central Delaware, we’ve helped thousands of individuals reach their full potential in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable.

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