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If you are on the fence about joining CNU Fit, I would say … Come aboard. Invest in yourself, believe in the process, and you will not regret the results.

— Joseph Simmons

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Once you come here, you are a part of their family. You will love the sense of community here. Every one of the people that work with you and train you are interested in you.

— Peni Warren

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I like coming here because they tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. They listen to you. If you are having an issue, they take that into consideration.

— Tysonya Deshields

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My experience with CNU Fit has been that I was able to get off of blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and my flexibility and mobility as I’ve aged has improved significantly.

— Tonda Parks

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I was diagnosed with MS … I came to CNU Fit and learned what being strong really is. A lot of the pain I had has gone away. I came in here wondering who I was and now I’m wondering what I can do and that’s wonderful.

— Elizabeth DuRoss

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My experience with CNU Fit has brought more than just regaining my muscle mass that I had lost due to the illness; it has also helped me with my overall health.

— Terri Harrington

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My life has changed tremendously since I joined CNU Fit. I’m stronger, and in getting stronger, I’m not compromising my body. There’s a great sense of community here that I don’t feel I am in competition with fellow clients.

— Tara Allen

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I had a physical condition with arthritis and it’s really helped me get through that with mobility and increased strength, because the team really focused on my medical issues and designed a workout for me to achieve my goals.

— Tammy Ordway

“Just get started … don’t wait!”

I am 52 years old and have lost a little over 20 lbs. My clothes fit better, I am stronger, and my skin looks better!

— Tami Neal

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Our Google reviews

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Dr. LK Robinson
Dr. LK Robinson
I have had a positive experience at CNU Fit. It has been about 10 years since I’ve attempted a dedicated fitness training; it’s been a challenge. However, I’m committed to this marathon quest to improve my health, increase my strength and enhance my stamina. My trainer, Andre, is patient and in tune. Great place! So far, it is all good!👍🏾
Katherine Girtman
Katherine Girtman
I love the encouraging environment this place has! They are a wonderful team and I definitely look forward to every session!
Sandra “Sandy” Taylor
Sandra “Sandy” Taylor
In looking back over the years I have been going to CNUFIT, I know for a fact that I have chosen the right fitness center. It has wonderful staff who are, first, very knowledgeable, kind, concerned and good at inspiring their clients. I know firsthand how compassionate they are with the clients and their specific needs. During the years I have been a client, they have bent over backwards to work with me during some of the health issues I have experienced. As I am still working with some issues, they know how to adjust my routines, they work with my schedule, as I have to change sometime on short notice and always check on me to make sure I’m okay when I may not be in for a while. I am back now and enjoying my sessions, mostly after they are over 🤭. Stretching sessions are great. Well I didn’t mean to go on and on, but if you check them out, you will find everything I’ve said is true and then some. Thank you CNUFIT to help us stay healthy.
Peni Warren
Peni Warren
Thanks to CNU fit my personal heath and fitness journey has exceeded my expectations. The personalized training program and trainers are phenomenal, they listen, encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals. Do yourself a favor and call them so you, too, can experience the same results!
ed cregar
ed cregar
I have been working out at CNU for almost 9 years. I just turned 72 and the bottom line for me has been the on-going comments from my doctors: "Eddie, keep doing what you are doing." My labs, my balance, and my strength are all awesome. The dedicated professional staff and the personal programming keeps me engaged and wanting to keep moving to the next level of performance. I can't say enough positive things about these folks. They are part of my extended family.
lori nester
lori nester
As I approached 50, I knew I needed to add strength and resistance conditioning to my routine. I have finally settled into my third month and loving it so far. Staff is soo supportive and receptive to your needs.
Janne Grinstead
Janne Grinstead
I’m in my 8th year of being a CNU Fit member. The workouts and the support from the staff have truly changed my life mentally and physically! I’m amazed at the strength I have gained in my body. Before I started there, I could barely carry a shopping bag for more than a minute because I was so weak. Now I can lift things and carry things that I never dreamed I could! Also, my body is much more toned and my clothes fit so much better. The staff at CNU Fit is awesome! They are so encouraging and caring. They make a workout plan to fit me and they are always right there make sure I’m doing everything correctly. I’m really not an “exercise” person, so that is why CNU Fit is the perfect place for me. I don’t have to figure out how much weight to use, how many reps, or what exercises to do. All of that is done for me and I absolutely LOVE it! I just can’t say enough good things about this wonderful place and staff. They have truly changed my life for the better.
Sharon Blair
Sharon Blair
I am standing taller, steadier, and more confident after my first year of training with the team at CNUFit! I feel like I fit in here which keeps me coming back! Great training for us seniors!

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This gym group is amazing!

You’ll definitely see results, if you’re willing to put in the work! I’m already seeing my transformation in just two months of joining.

— Sheila Harris

Success Stories

Sarah Poole

Sarah Poole (16yr old) began her 12 week program with the goal of increasing her vertical jump and speed as a volleyball player. Over the summer of 2016, Sarah committed to training three days a week at CNU Fit. When the season started she dominated on the volleyball court. Her mom and dad stated this was the greatest investment they have made in her athletic development. Sarah says she loves that even though she gets pushed every workout is treated with respect, so now she is more confident and feels better about herself.

Nathan Morris

Before coming to CNU Fit, Nathan’s father took him to a family doctor who recommended that Nathan needed to weigh 130 pounds. To achieve that goal, the doctor recommended drastic attempts to get Nathan healthy, such as eating ¼ of a sandwich, and ¼ piece of fruit for lunch each day.


Carole noticed she was gaining weight, she knew that her health was slowly slipping. She was overweight, with poor balance, poor flexibility, and limited strength. Carole had a knee replacement and a bad shoulder, she was looking for optimal health for a failing body. After exploring all the options in the Dover area, Carole came to CNU Fit.


Kalisa Moore is a 32 year old mother of three. An executive recruiter and professional coach, she recently moved to Dover from Houston, Texas, and began working from home; which meant she was less active. Kalisa was never a consistent gym member, because she had never experienced major weight problems. She was always comfortable with her weight.

Sally & Dale Cawby

Many couples come to CNU Fit with a desire to get in shape together, but Sally and Dale Cawby came to CNU fit with only one specific goal in mind; they wanted to comfortably walk 2-3 miles each day when they traveled to Turkey, Italy, and Greece.


In June of 2013 Ronah was hospitalized with a common digestive disease known as diverticulitis, which involves the formation of pouches within the bowel wall. Symptoms include increased white blood cell count, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, fever.


Tetra was very athletic in high school, experienced in a variety of sports. After marriage, kids, and becoming a professional, Tetra got swept up in the busyness of life. Naturally, her metabolism slowed down without warning, she needed and wanted to get fit. What really motivated her to buckle down and try achieving her fitness goals was her decision to compete in Mrs. Delaware.


Alise Dickens often spoke of her desire to change her lifestyle, get in shape, and join the military. A family friend of Alise overheard her request and decided to bless Alise with a Personal Training and Metabolic Coaching Program from CNU Fit.

“I have lost 50 lbs!”

My A1C went from 13+ down to 5.3 and my doctor has taken me off of insulin. Thanks CNU Fit!

— Joseph Simmons

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Satisfied Clients

Ready to be our next success story?

CNU Fit is the place to be!”

The hardworking, knowledgeable trainers have been working with me to not only get me in shape but also to give me more strength and stamina.

— Lisa Rafalko

Our Ambassadors

“CNU Fit is an amazing experience!”

Two bouts of cancer made me lose a significant amount of weight and strength. Metabolic Coaching has shown me a healthy way to properly eat.

— Lance White

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