Trainer Spotlight

Alyssa Schuster

Operations Manager & Nutrition Coach

Certifications & Education

  • BA in Creative Writing from New England College
  • Certified Office Manager- NPE
  • Certified Nutrition Coach- Working Against Gravity

I haven’t always had a passion for fitness. It wasn’t until fifth grade when I started middle school that I figured out for some people being healthy just doesn’t come naturally – as a 130 pound fifth grader people definitely made fun of me, but what made me want to get healthy was when my father told me that he was worried I would end up with diabetes.

That summer I spent every day playing Dance Dance Revolution on my Playstation 2; I ended up dropping weight and becoming more interested in fitness, even trying out for the school’s softball team (which I made, even though I wasn’t very good).

I continued to exercise and be passionate about eating healthy throughout college. My friends constantly called me a rabbit because of my tendency to eat vegetable like carrots and peppers whole, and even though I majored in Creative Writing, I took whatever opportunity I could to talk to people about making healthy life choices. 

I graduated from New England College with a B.A. in Creative Writing a year early and immediately started working as a journalist for a small local paper in my home-state New Hampshire, but my heart wasn’t completely in it. I wanted to change people’s lives, but I figured out that journalism wasn’t the way I wanted to do it. I wanted to help change people’s lives on a more personal level.

In addition to my journalism work, I put myself through college by waitressing full time as well as editing novels as freelance work. I loved interacting on a personal level, and that was something I wasn’t getting by covering town meetings for a small paper.

One of my favorite college professors told me that sometimes changing the world starts with changing just one person’s life for the better. I think fitness is a great way to do that. I had struggled with body image and weight issues for years , even suffered through an eating disorder for a period of time, but it was through fitness that I learned to love my body again. The value that has brought to my life is irreplaceable, and I can only hope that through my contribution at CNU Fit I can help others achieve that same confidence.

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