Trainer Spotlight

Amanda Butkus

Program Director

Certifications & Education

  • B.S. Exercise Science – Wesley College
  • ACSM – Exercise Physiologist
  • Brookbush Institute Corrective Exercise
  • Rocktape AISM – Level I & II
  • CNU Stretch Level I & II
  • SRT Soft-Stretch Release Techniques Full Body
  • SRT Stretch Specialist
  • Working Against Gravity – Nutrition Coaching
  • NCI – Nutrition Coaching Level I
  • Head Instructor for CNU Stretch

In a sense, you could say that I’ve always been involved in the fitness industry, just through different realms. I was always encouraged by my parents to stay active and play sports, so in high school I ran cross country and played soccer all year round. I went to St. Georges Technical High School, where I focused on electrical engineering. However, when it came to make a decision about what to study in college, I was lost. 

I went to visit Wesley College, and it was there my mom asked me “What are you passionate about?” After looking through the different majors it was clear to me that  Exercise Science was going to be my major. It just made sense.

Throughout high school I struggled with negative body image. It definitely put me in a poor mental state and I knew I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and break free from what so many women struggle with. This desire to take control of my health and my attitude about my body sparked my interest in fitness. I started going to workout classes, researching weight training exercises, and eating better so I could gain muscle. It had turned into something I love, and made the decision to study Exercise Science a no-brainer… though I probably wouldn’t have come to that conclusion without my mom’s question. Thanks mom!

Throughout my time at Wesley, I played soccer all 4 years and I was able to gain the muscle I wanted and my self image grew. One of the blessings in disguise that brought me to CNU Fit was my observation and internship hours that I had to complete in order to get my degree. I had no idea when starting my internship at CNU Fit that I would learn so many new things and actually be a part of people’s fitness journeys. Evans and the other staff members (not to mention the clients) continuously help me grow into the person I want to be, so when I was offered a job as an Exercise Physiologist…of course I said yes!

It is truly amazing to support others in their fitness journeys because embarking on a journey, no matter the kind, is never easy. The thing I love most about CNU Fit is being in an environment where we empower each other and hold each other accountable to our Core Values, which is a staple that is needed for us to all continue growing. The reason I am here is to help individuals prosper into the person they want to be.

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