5 Signs It’s Time to Swith your Weight Loss Goal

Scenario #1: Life Is Getting in the Way

Being in a weight loss phase can be difficult, no matter the situation. It can be even more difficult if life comes at you from every angle.

Have your job requirements changed and struggling to meal prep?

Do your kids have a new schedule and you can’t seem to keep yourself on track?

Did you injure yourself and can’t do your regular exercise routine?

If this is your current situation, transitioning to a maintenance goal may be a good idea. Then when life settles a bit, you can jump back into weight loss.

Scenario #2: You Haven’t Met Your Goal – But You Need a Break

It happened. The motivation ran its course and your discipline is running on empty. You’re having conversations with your stomach and daydreaming about a bathtub full of ice cream.

Even though you have these thoughts, the good news is you might not need to change your goal. You might need to change your routine. You can achieve that and still progress by speaking with your coach. Your coach can adjust your calorie goals to give you a high-calorie day and a mental break.

That one day per week may be just what you need to continue your progress (and your sanity).

Scenario #3: You’re More Cranky than Normal

The one-day calorie planner increase worked for a bit and you carried on for a few more weeks… yet your energy continues to drop, you’ve become a little cranky, and you are borderline compliant each week. It might be time to consider a short maintenance goal. The purpose of this is to increase your calories enough to get some energy back.

Scenario #4: You’ve Hit the Floor – The Calorie Floor

Depending on how long you’ve been in a deficit and how aggressive your goal is, you may get to a point where the coach won’t adjust you lower for health reasons. This point is called the calorie floor.

How will you know when you reach this point? If your calories drop to that point, the coach will prompt you to change your goal.

We want to ensure you aren’t starving yourself while keeping your mental and physical well-being in mind.

Scenario #5: You Have Reached Your Goal

You did it! You set a goal and achieved it. At this point, you have two options:

1 Stay on weight loss and set a new goal weight

2 Change your goal

If you decide it’s time to change your goal, here’s an articleto help choose which is best for you! You can also reach out to your coach to game plan.


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