Dover Personal Trainer gives 7 tips on how to beat the holidays

As October begins we know that there’s only one thing on most of our minds: The Holidays. They’re going to be here before we know it, and with the holidays comes the parties, family get togethers, and most importantly…the food!


Holiday weight gain is not a myth: in fact, it’s during the last three months of the year that most people gain the weight they look to lose when making their New Year’s Resolutions. And it’s no wonder! With October we have Halloween full of costume parties with candies, cupcakes, and treats galore; November brings Thanksgiving, the most delicious meal of the year full of mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and pie; and with December…well there’s no escaping Christmas cookies and hot cocoa. 


So how do we enjoy ourselves during the Holidays WITHOUT the weight gain? These 7 steps will tell you how.

  1. Plan- make a plan before each event. For parties, look over the food before you grab a plate and try to stick with what’s healthiest and closest to your plan: things like the shrimp cocktail, cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

  2. Eat the pumpkin- Eat what you enjoy! But do it in moderation! Don’t eat a quarter of the pie, and the cookies, and the candy. Pick one, eat it once, and be done with it.

  3. Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas is only one day- don’t save leftovers! Or at least don’t eat the same huge meal for days after the party or after Thanksgiving. Save the leftovers that can be made into healthy meals and ditch the ones that don’t fit in your plan!

  4. Don’t go into the event starving: Most people will wait to eat all day until their party or their dinner, causing them to be starving once they actually sit down and they end up overeating. Not to mention eating one calorie-laden meal a day is too much for the body, so it will slow down your metabolism and hang on to all the extra calories as stored fat in the body.

  5. Drink lots of water- in the colder seasons we don’t tend to drink a lot of water, but this is the most important time to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated staves off hunger, as well as gets you ready for the inevitable glass of wine or holiday cocktail.

  6. Increase exercise intensity- If you are already exercising regularly then make it a habit to go out for a walk after a big holiday meal or party. If you aren’t already exercising intensely and often, start to ramp it up now to make room for later!

  7. Take your supplements- all good diets start with a good multivitamin. Our favorite brand is Nutrilite because they are all natural and organic…and also because they have awesome supplements like slimmetry (which supports your metabolism and allows you to burn fat) and carb blocker (a holiday-must have that blocks up to 500 calories of carbs–both sugar and starch)


As you apply these tips during the holiday not only will you be able to maintain your weight, but you might also see the number on the scale go down!


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