8 Get-Out-of-Bed Tricks from Dover’s Personal Trainer

Whether you’re an early bird or a “wake-up-at-noon” sort of person, there are times when getting up with the sun to work out can feel far less appealing than burrowing deeper into your bed. That’s why we created these 8 ways to fight stay-in-bed temptation – add them to your list when you need extra inspiration.

8 Ways to Get Out of Bed

  1. Post it for the world to see.
    Hold yourself accountable via social media. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference when it comes to getting out of bed for early morning workouts.

  2. Blast Those Alarms.
    Set your alarm as loud as possible and across the room so you are forced to go turn it off.

  3. Snap out of it with the right song.
    Have a motivational song that wakes you up, pick a song that makes you want to start doing push-ups right there in your PJs.

  4. Stay Accountable to others.
    If you have a friend or trainer who is counting on you to show up, it is less likely that you are going to cancel.  Plus, exercise buddies can make morning workouts so much more fun!

  5. Take it one day at a time.
    Instead of trying to become a morning person overnight, ease into the morning wake-ups by setting an alarm 10 minutes earlier for the week, then another 10 minutes for the next week, and so on until you get the desired wake-up time.

  6. See it to believe it.
    Do a quick one to three minute mediation the night before to prepare yourself to get excited for your morning workout. The visualization will help you understand how you will feel during the workout and the benefits you’ll reap from the workout.

  7. Turn in on time.
    If you know you are going to get up early, understand that you may have to go to bed much earlier than expected. It isn’t realistic to expect yourself to pop out of bed and have an energetic and productive work out after five hours of sleep.

  8. Think about the good day ahead.
    Think about how it is going to be a new day and a new opportunity to get better. 


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