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  • Meal Prep Recipe: Basil Pesto Turkey Meatballs

    Meal Prep Recipe: Basil Pesto Turkey Meatballs

    Perfect for meal prep, these oven-baked turkey meatballs are loaded with all your favorite pesto flavors. Serves: 20 Calories: 84, Protein: 9 g, Carbs: 3g, Fat: 4g Ingredients 350 G Lean Ground Turkey Breast 350 G Ground Turkey Thigh 27 G Fresh Basil Leaves (~1c Packed) 20 G Fresh Parsley Leaves 28 G Walnuts, Toasted 28 G Parmesan Cheese, Grated 35 G Sun-Dried Tomatoes 47 G Shallots, Peeled And Roughly Chopped 16 G Garlic (About 3 Large Garlic Cloves) 28 G Panko Breadcrumbs 1 Large Egg 15 G Light Mayo 15 G Lemon Juice 2 Tsp Salt 1 Tsp Fresh Ground Pepper Instructions Preheat the oven to 375 F. To make the pesto, combine all the ingredients except the ground turkey in a ....

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  • 6 Strategies to Lower Body Fat Percentage

    6 Strategies to Lower Body Fat Percentage

    Are your clothes fitting tighter than they used to? If you've gotten your body fat percentage tested and it's higher than you'd like to see, or you're just not feeling like yourself or fitting in your clothes lately and you want to do something about it, the next step is figuring how to lower your actual fat levels. It is important to keep in mind that body fat percentage is just one piece of information. You can use it to assess whether or not the efforts you put into fat loss are working or if something needs to change or adjust. But, it isn’t the only measure of progress. Just like the number on a scale is part of a bigger picture, your current body fat percentage is also just ....

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  • Healthy Summer Sides: Smoked Potato Salad

    Healthy Summer Sides: Smoked Potato Salad

    It’s tough to find a good potato salad without the mayo and eggs. While I certainly LOVE those options, I also like being able to enjoy a lightened up version. Plus, the smoked paprika in this dish makes it a little more special. This would be a fun one to serve alongside a smoked brisket or chuck roast. Serves: 6, Calories: 216, Protein: 8 g, Carbs: 26 g, Fat: 9 g Ingredients: 2 Pounds Small Red Or Yellow Potatoes 2 Tbs (28g) Unsalted Butter, Melted 1 Tsp Sea Salt ½ Tsp Black Pepper 3 Pieces Of Bacon (Omit For Vegetarian) 2 Stalks Celery, Chopped 2 Scallions, Chopped 30g Apple Cider Vinegar 56g Lowfat Greek Yogurt (Nonfat Or 2%) 15g Dijon ....

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  • Healthy Summer BBQ Tips

    Healthy Summer BBQ Tips

    Looking for some healthy summer BBQ tips and meal inspiration? For those of us that aren't blessed with year-round warm weather, the return of the sun means it's time for barbecue season. Heading to a backyard BBQ when you have weight loss or performance goals can be nerve-racking at first. But, it can actually be a great place to pack in the protein and veggies if you're prepared. Here are some quick tips to making your next cookout a success (and a few of our own macro-friendly barbecue favorites)! Our Favorite Healthy BBQ Tips Use these macro-friendly BBQ tips to enjoy your meals and continue working towards your goals in the process. 1. Cut Back on Fats. If you're working with ....

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  • How to stay in shape after Menopause

    How to stay in shape after Menopause

    Staying in shape is challenging enough but tack on sleep struggles, memory loss, anxiety, muscle loss, and weight gain… Sounds like an uphill battle, right? This condition is actually something more than half of the population goes through! It’s menopause. In this article, we dive into a few simple, proven methods for staying in shape through and after menopause. If you’re a woman who wants to avoid experiencing the many negative impacts that menopause can have, keep scrolling. Menopause is defined as a “biological process,” but it might also be appropriate to describe it as a “challenge” or “health issue.” Menopause ....

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  • Quick Morning Recipe: 5 minute egg sandwhich

    Quick Morning Recipe: 5 minute egg sandwhich

    Think you can’t have a hot, cheesy breakfast sandwich ready from start to finish in less than five minutes? Think again. Our five-minute (seriously) egg sandwich is about to change your breakfast game forever. Pair with a protein shake to make sure you get enough protein first thing! CALORIES 258 FAT 10 g CARBS 27 g PROTEIN 15 g SERVES 1 (serving size = 132 g) Ingredients: 1 English Muffin 1 Large Egg 7 G Skim Milk (Or Milk Of Your Choice) 1 Slice Of Your Favorite Cheese (The Macros For This Recipe Were Calculated Using Sargento Reduced Fat Pepper Jack) A Few Spinach Leaves Salt And Pepper Instructions Toast your English muffin in the toaster. Meanwhile, spray a ....

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  • The Top 6 Things Holding You Back from Losing Weight

    The Top 6 Things Holding You Back from Losing Weight

    As a transformation studio, one of the questions we get most is, “Why can’t I lose weight?” . It’s a common question and not all surprising since the process of weight loss is complex and has a lot of variables. It’s important to understand the variables at play so you can gain the knowledge and tools necessary to reach your goal and learn the fastest way to lose weight. At CNU Fit, our work with you to figure out which variables may be impacting your weight loss journey and what steps need to happen to reach your goals. Here are six things that could be holding you back from losing weight that a coach may consider: You’re not in a true calorie ....

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