Are You Eating the Right Combination for Success

You’ve had success losing 5, 10 or maybe even 20lbs, but now you’ve hit a plateau. You eat clean, buy organic, and limit sweets but you still struggle with changing your body. In the video below, CNU Fit Owner Evans Armantrading Jr. discusses the possibilities of why you’re not losing weight like you did before.


To perform your basic human functions (brain activity, breathing, sleeping) you need a calorie baseline. Once you start increasing activity you must increase calories. The question then becomes, “am I getting the amount of calories I need to produce fat loss?” Many people will drop their calories to induce weight loss, and when they reach a plateau they will drop calories again, this cycle continues until frustration or starvation are the final outcome. Clearly, this type of dieting is not sustainable.

The next question to consider is if you’re eating the appropriate combination of calories for your body.
All foods fit into 3 basic categories: Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. Each person requires a distinct amount and combination of those three food types.
If you can’t fully answer the above two questions, consider the CNU Fit Metabolic Coaching program to get the proper amount and combination of calories you need to boost your metabolism and achieve the results you want.

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