Be Thankful for your Hypothalamus

We’re thankful for our clients this year, thankful for their commitment to their fitness programs and dedication to their body’s well-being! Many of us are dedicated to following every detail of our meal plans, never missing a supplement or snack. We all invest countless hours in the shopping, prepping, and eating required to achieve our fitness and weight loss goals. Many of our Personal Training and Metabolic Coaching clients invest 100% of their effort six to seven days a week, putting realistic and healthy pressure on themselves about supplement intake, check-in deadlines, and weekly weigh-ins, and we couldn’t be more proud of their commitment and results!

But, CNU Fit is urging you to indulge this Thanksgiving! It’s is the perfect time to go off the grid in order to recharge and reflect. After all, it’s just one day of the year.

Food has the ability to bring people together, and in this case it’s the people you love and care about the most. Food should not be feared or over analyzed in these occasional holidays. There’s plenty of science to support why a one-day gorge won’t ruin your results or your overall health and wellness. Even if you overeat, or feel lethargic after your Thanksgiving feast, your body will keep things in balance. Watch the following video to learn more about your hypothalamus, and what it does to regulate your body.

Your hypothalamus acts like a thermostat to keep your body at its “normal,” as long as your thanksgiving feast isn’t your norm, your body will make the proper adjustments to keep moving forward. Let’s be clear, this is not consent to overeat and indulge every day, but the theory is that we’re all seeking the overall lifestyle change in our weight management programs, not everyday perfection.


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