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  • Spring Weightloss Recipe: Egg Roll in a Bowl

    Spring Weightloss Recipe: Egg Roll in a Bowl

    Spring is here and that means summer is just around the corner! If you're like most of our clients, you probably have some goals to lose weight before summer gets here and one of the best ways to do that is through your nutrition. One thing we hear a lot is "I don't know where to start" and "eating healthy is just so boring," well this recipe can cover both of those statements! First, where to start: sustainable weightloss is all about making small changes that you can stick to over time. A good example is finding flavors and foods that you already like and finding healthier "swaps" or alternatives to the recipes. This keeps it simple, but also enjoyable! The more you make small tweaks ....

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  • 7 simple ways to shape up this Spring

    7 simple ways to shape up this Spring

    Spring is a time for new: new life, new goals, and a new outlook. It's also the perfect time to toss away some unhealthy habits that you may have fallen into during winter, like not exercising due to arcitc temperatures. Don't be too hard on yourself! Winter can be a tough time to stay motivated, which is why the sunshine and warmer temps are a great way to kickstart your goals again. The key to getting in shape for spring (and staying that way) is to keep it simple. It may be difficult to set a clear goal at a time we are constantly receiving conflicting messages like "eat less carbs," "eat all the carbs you want as long as you stay low calories," eat no meat," "eat only meat" and so ....

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  • Recipe: Creamy Chicken with Mustard Greens

    Looking for a quick and easy recipe that's different from plain old chicken? With less than 5 ingredients, this is the perfect recipe for a meal prep or easy weeknight dinner. Just pair with veggies or a starchy carb! Serving Size: 200 g, Serves: 8 Calories: 258, Protein: 35 g, Carbs: 4 g, Fat: 11 g Ingredients -1200 g boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into cubes -400 g (1 bag) Pictsweet Frozen Mustard Greens -360 g cherry tomatoes, cut in half -300 g light cream cheese Directions -Set oven to 350 F. While oven is heating up, cut chicken breasts and tomatoes. -Mix ingredients together in a baking dish -Bake 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through -Serve and enjoy! ....

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  • CNU Fit Hosts SRT Certification

    CNU Fit Hosts SRT Certification

    Dover, DE- CNU Fit was the hosting site for a 4-day certifcation course for Soft Stretch Release Techinique Therapy (SRT Therapy), a unique approach to neuromyofascial relase and unwinding of the tissue with a completely gentle, soft, and non-aggressive application. CNU Fit is Delaware's first and only transformation studio to offer Stretch Therapy, which uses corrective stretch and soft stretch release techniques to help individuals reduce pain and stiffness while improving flexibility and mobility. Evans Armantrading, CNU Fit Founder and CEO, first completed his SRT certifcation in 2021 to gain new stretching techniques to help his clients who have severe arthritis or other conditions ....

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  • How to enjoy "the process" with your nutrition

    How to enjoy "the process" with your nutrition

    You probably found this article because you have a specific health goal you want to achieve… and maybe even feel a little stuck getting there. Whether it is getting healthier, losing weight, getting stronger, improving energy, or fitting your clothes better (just to name a few goals we see here at CNU Fit), learning to love “The Process” is one of the things that will help you get there. But what is “The Process”, anyway? And, if it feels tricky sometimes, how can you learn to love it? Defining “The Process” In today’s world of instant access, quick-fix promises and “buy now one-click” (looking at you, Amazon), it is common to ....

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  • How to Overcome Self Doubt

    How to Overcome Self Doubt

    It's going on the second month of 2022, and by this time you may be doubting that you can reach your goals. You probably started off on your New Year's Resolutions strong, but by now you're no longer excited about the new habits you wanted to begin, and you haven't seen as much results as you were looking for. The doubts have started creeping in. Everyone experiences doubts, especially when it comes to their fitness goals. You're not alone. And the good news is that there are strategies you can implement to help you overcome that self-doubt and move forward with your goals. 1. Embrace the fact that self-doubt is part of being human . Self-doubt is there to protect ....

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