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Kinesiology & Movement Science Internship

CNU Fit is excited to continually aid our local colleges and universities develop the best professionals in the industry. This internship is not for all students. If you are looking for a place to hang out this is not for you. If you are the type of individual that wants to learn how to apply all things you have learned over your college career in the real world this will be a fun adventure. Expected outcomes of this internship are mastery of the information below and proficiency in hands on personal training. How to apply: To apply you must email with subject Growth Mindset. In the email please attach your resume; a cover letter stating how our CNU Fit’s mission statement aligns with your core values and why you would like to intern at CNU Fit; attached copy of your results from 16 personality test. If selected after review, you will be offered an interview. After the interview there is a 50-hour observation requirement to ensure this is the right place for your internship. Please note this is our standard internship process and will apply for all students, no exemptions.

Things that will be mastered during internship:

1. Body Composition Analysis with multiple techniques

    a. Accurately Take Tape Measurements
    b. Ultrasound Body Fat

      1 Accurately Identify all 7 points
      2 Set Up a New Client
      3 Accurately Measure Body Fat Readings
      4 Understand ACSM standards for Body Fat %
      5 Ultrasound scan of muscle and body parts
      6 Calculate goal weight
      7 Review Trends

    c. Accurately Caliper (Male and Females)
    d. Explain diseases linked to body fat %

2. Personal Training

    a. Accurately identify muscles
    b. Explain range of motion
    c. Identify proper and improper form
    d. Names of Exercises (5 per muscle)
    e. Understand Training special populations to athletes
    f. Cardio vs Aerobics
    g. Explain anaerobic exercises vs aerobic exercises
    h. Explain why cardio follows resistance (sprinter vs marathon runner)
    i. Design exercise routine
    j. Design exercise program
    k. Identify verbal cues from clients
    l. Give effective verbal cues to clients
    m. Identify non-verbal cues from clients
    n. Effectively Explain HIIT Theory and Application
    o. Design HIIT Program using the Karvonen Formula

      1 12 Min
      2 15 Min
      3 20 Min
      4 25 Min

    p. Understand how to stretch major muscles
    1 Minimum of 3 Stretches per Muscle
    q. Spotting Techniques
    r. Explain Compound and Isometric Exercises
    s. Explain negative effects of excess aerobics
    t. Explain EPOC
    u. Learn Myofascial Release
    v. Learn Foam Rolling
    w. How to run Group Fitness training (strength training)
    x. Time under Tension, Progressive Overload Theory, Periodization
    y. Building Rapport with Clients
    z. Time Management

3. Leadership

    a. 3 big rocks
    b. Core values, purpose, and Mission statement
    c. Winning mindset
    d. Personal growth
    e. Coaching client to develop habits that will aide in goal accomplishment
    f. Encouraging Clients

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