My year at CNU Fit

My testimonial is not that of a typical client. As the Office Manager of CNU Fit, I’m celebrating my one year anniversary. But, my anniversary as a client is still a long way off.

When I interviewed with CNU Fit, I was happy with my previous position, only seeking part time employment to pay off my wedding. I had worked for various fitness centers for nearly 10 years. I thought I knew enough about my body and about my metabolism to be successful in health and wellness. Needless to say, I didn’t fully invest in the CNU Fit program, I was skeptical.

I was employed with CNU Fit 6 months before beginning Metabolic Coaching. During those first 6 months, I claimed that I didn’t have the time or that I wasn’t looking for weight loss, so I didn’t need it, I could just exercise my calories away! Thankfully, I was exposed to the education CNU Fit provides. I overheard coaches with their clients, attended CNU Fit workshops and presentations, and of course browsed through the coaches’ extensive library of educational resources that is continually being updated and expanded.

I started seeing and hearing more real time testimonials from clients about their energy, their sleep quality, and their overall attitude towards life. I slowly realized that optimal health was more than just my dress size.

So I did it, I committed to the very program I had been marketing and managing. Within a week my energy increased dramatically, my mood shifted, my sleep quality improved; I felt like a completely different (happy) person.

3 months later I decided to start Personal Training. With all my prior experience in fitness centers, I had never truly and correctly completed a resistance workout. I never felt comfortable asking other trainers for assistance with machines, I always thought of personal trainers as drill sergeants that degraded you to get results. I thought they’d see me as weak or stupid for not knowing how to move my own body; and when I did perform exercises on my own, it often led to injury.

Now that I’m free of both of those fears, I look forward to my workouts! And I kick myself that I didn’t start here sooner!

Instead of finding of a part-time job to pay the bills, I found the CNU Fit family, and a lifestyle that challenged my complacency with my body. I found a team of individuals that are experts in their craft, seeking continual education, always refining their skills and pursuing excellence. I found that they provide me (and every client) with a measure of accountability that keeps my motivated without feeling judged or degraded like so many drill sergeants before them.

I’ve found a community that is genuine. That’s why I’ve chosen to make my fitness a lifestyle…and so should you!


Courtney Ford is the Office Manager at CNU Fit, LLC. For all of your billing, scheduling, and customer service needs, she is your point of contact. You can reach her Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


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