Recipes | Holiday Mocktail

Don’t sacrifice calories for a delicious beverage. Serve this sweet, energy packed tea at your next party!


1/2 cup Fresh mint leaves (save a few Mint sprigs for garnish)
1 pint Fresh raspberries, crushed or 10 ounces Frozen raspberries
2 cup Boiling water
4 cups Cold water
6 ounces Frozen lemonade
6 ounces XS Lemon Blast
1 liter Club Soda

Combine 1/2 cup mint leaves and boiling water. Let steep 5 minutes.
Add raspberries, frozen lemonade concentrate, and Lemon XS Blast. Stir.
Strain into pitcher half-filled with crushed ice. Add cold water and stir. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

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