Tis the Season

It’s easy to spend your holiday budget on adorable trinkets or the latest technology, but everyone on your list can benefit from the gift of health and wellness. Metabolic Coaching and Personal Training programs offer the opportunity to achieve optimal health, develop confidence, and transform the body and mind.

Many people refrain from purchasing fitness packages or wellness related gifts because they don’t want to offend the recipient. But, concern about someone’s quality of life can be a great expression of love, and giving the gift of health isn’t just practical; it can actually be a lifesaver.

Everyone has different nutritional and exercise needs and preferences. Some people lack the confidence to exercise because they are unsure how to perform a specific routine. Others are hesitant to exercise because they have experienced an injury in the past. Many people are confused about what types of foods to eat, or what their true portion size should be.

With the help of a CNU Fit Personal Trainer or Metabolic Coach, your loved one can gain the confidence to try new routines, push through their limits and work harder without worrying about poor performance or injury. CNU Fit offers the education necessary to perform proper technique, develop realistic and healthy meal plans, eliminate injury and develop the tools and skills to succeed in a LIFETIME of health and wellness.

Alise Dickens is the recipient of a CNU Fit program gift. Alise began her CNU Fit Personal Training and Metabolic Coaching Program in the spring of 2015, and has lost 44lbs. in 8 months, she says that her biggest accomplishment was gaining confidence in herself, and developing a more positive overall attitude. Click here to read her full story.

Giving the gift of health and wellness is truly a gift…that lasts a lifetime.

The CNU Fit store offers a variety of gift baskets available to meet the needs of any person on your shopping list. All our gift baskets include one of our premier services, and sample products from the CNU Fit Store.


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