Alise’s Success Story

Alise Dickens often spoke of her desire to change her lifestyle, get in shape, and join the military. A family friend of Alise overheard her request and decided to bless Alise with a Personal Training and Metabolic Coaching Program from CNU Fit.

Since beginning her program with CNU Fit in March 2015, Alise has lost 44 lbs! However, she says that her biggest accomplishment has been learning how to prepare healthier foods without sacrificing taste, gaining confidence in herself, and developing a more positive overall attitude.
Alise admits that in the beginning the workouts were hard, but with the support of her friends and the staff at CNU Fit, Alise overcame those initial challenges. “You have to do right by your body” said Alise “you only get one, and you want to maintain it for a long time.”

Alise’s transformation of body and mind wouldn’t have been possible without the gift she received from her close friend. With the financial and mental support that she needed, Alise was finally able to overcome her challenges and reach her goals. With this gift she hasn’t simply received 12 months of training, she has learned proper exercise techniques, established healthy eating habits, and developed the tools and skills to succeed in a LIFETIME of health and wellness.

Giving the gift of health and wellness is a gift that lasts a lifetime.


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