Personal Training Apprenticeship – 500 Hours


1. Body Composition Analysis with multiple techniques

    a. Accurately Take Tape Measurements
    b. Ultrasound Body Fat

      1 Accurately Identify all 7 points
      2 Set Up a New Client
      3 Accurately Measure Body Fat Readings
      4 Understand ACSM standards for Body Fat %
      5 Ultrasound scan of muscle and body parts
      6 Calculate goal weight
      7 Review Trends

    c. Accurately Caliper (Male and Females)
    d. Explain diseases linked to body fat %

2. Personal Training

    a. Accurately identify muscles
    b. Explain range of motion
    c. Identify proper and improper form
    d. Names of Exercises (5 per muscle)
    e. Understand Training special populations to athletes
    f. Cardio vs Aerobics
    g. Explain anaerobic exercises vs aerobic exercises
    h. Explain why cardio follows resistance (sprinter vs marathon runner)
    i. Design exercise routine
    j. Design exercise program
    k. Identify verbal cues from clients
    l. Give effective verbal cues to clients
    m. Identify non-verbal cues from clients
    n. Effectively Explain HIIT Theory and Application
    o. Design HIIT Program using the Karvonen Formula

      1 12 Min
      2 15 Min
      3 20 Min
      4 25 Min

    p. Understand how to stretch major muscles
    1 Minimum of 3 Stretches per Muscle
    q. Spotting Techniques
    r. Explain Compound and Isometric Exercises
    s. Explain negative effects of excess aerobics
    t. Explain EPOC
    u. Learn Myofascial Release
    v. Learn Foam Rolling
    w. How to run Group Fitness training (strength training)
    x. Time under Tension, Progressive Overload Theory, Periodization
    y. Building Rapport with Clients
    z. Time Management

3. Metabolic Coaching Modules

    a. Module 1 Anatomy
    b. Module 2 Body Chemistry
    c. Module 3 Foundational Health
    d. Module 4 Supplements and Their Role
    e. Module 5 Training and Exercise
    f. Module 7 Afterburn Training
    g. Module 8 Coaching

4. Sales

    a. Sales process
    b. Sales and marketing goals
    c. Referral generation

5. Leadership

    a. 3 big rocks
    b. Core values, purpose, and Mission statement
    c. Winning mindset
    d. Sales tracking
    e. Conversion rate (sales closing rate)
    f. Personal growth
    g. Coaching client to a habits that will aide in goal accomplishment
    h. Encouraging Clients

Health Coaching Apprenticeship – 500 Hours




    a. Our Services Metabolic Coaching
    b. Our Services Personal Training
    c. Our Services Evans Fitness Challenge
    d. Our Services CNU FitRanX
    e. Answering The Phone
    f. Prequal Script
    g. The Goal of the Program
    h. Success Matrix
    i. Logging Clients Coaching sessions
    j. The Lifestyle
    k. Conferencing Software


    a. Module 1 Anatomy
    b. Module 2 Body Chemistry
    c. Module 3 Foundational Health
    d. Module 4 Supplements and Their Role
    e. Module 5 Training and Exercise
    f. Module 7 Afterburn Training
    g. Module 8 Coaching


    a. Comprehensive Client Form
    b. Medical History
    c. Three Day Diet


    a. Metabolic Handbook
    b. Macros
    c. Where to Start
    d. Reverse Diet or to Cut Calories
    e. Creating Meal Plan
    f. Pattern of A Coaching Session
    g. How to Take Tape Measurements & Body Composition
    h. Ultrasound Body Composition
    i. Calculating Goal Weight
    j. Taking Client Pictures
    k. Session 1: Initial Session
    l. Game Planning
    m. Session 2a: Welcome to Mc
    n. Session 2b: Recommendations Session
    o. Session 3: The Basics
    p. Session 4: 7 Rules for A Better Body
    q. Session 5: Diet Breaks
    r. Session 6: Flexible Dieting
    s. Session 7: Carbs Part 1
    t. Session 8: Carbs Part 2
    u. Session 9: Fat 1
    v. Session 10: Fat 2
    w. Session 10: Protein
    x. Session 12: Weight Management Is Mental
    y. Session 13: Miracle Morning & Growth Mindset
    z. Session 14: Supplements
    aa. Session 15: Weight Loss Myths
    bb. Session 16: Eating Out
    cc. Session 17: Holiday Eating
    dd. Session 18: Hormones
    ee. Session 19: Metabolism
    ff. Session 20: Strength Training


    a. Lesson #1: Igniting Your Influence
    b. Lesson #2: Stoking Emotions
    c. Lesson #3: Firing Up Motivation
    d. Lesson #4: Flowing Naturally
    e. Lesson #5: Extinguishing Objections
    f. Lesson #6: Incinerating Bad Beliefs
    g. Lesson #7: Sparking Habits with Tiny Tasking
    h. Lesson #8: Lighting The Way with Education


    a. Lesson #1: Mindset
    b. Lesson #2: Prequal, Building Rapport, Probing/Discovery
    c. Lesson #3: Identifying Needs & Problem Building
    d. Lesson #4: Presentation & Close
    e. Lesson #5: Handling Objections
    f. Lesson #6: Post Sale



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