Beware: “Insta” Personal Trainer Has Risen


We’ve all seen the Facebook or Instagram “personal trainer” with the traffic stopping body and free training guide, but… are they the real deal?


Here at CNU Fit we value integrity, hard work, and individuality. There are several competing training programs out there that are excellent options (shout-out CrossFit!), but there are others that are concerning. Watch as Evans sits down with Sean to discuss the necessary protocol when choosing a personal trainer. Additionally, he speaks to an integral part of the fitness journey: who is in your tribe?

Culturally speaking, a tribe is a community that has the same values and speaks the same language. When choosing a professional it is important to find someone who speaks your language and can relate to your individual journey. Are you a young hipster deciding to compete professionally? Find a training program that is tailored to your needs. A working mom with a 30-minute window you are sneaking into your day? There is a personal trainer out there for you. Have you reached that coveted grandparent phase and decided you want to be active and play catch with the new additions to your family? Be sure to do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember, your fitness journey is about you, you are in charge of how it works out.

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