How to get the most out of your nutritional coaching!

How to get the most out of your nutritional coaching!

Do you need coaching?


Anyone who wants to change their bodies needs coaching. Whether it be that they want to lose fat and gain muscle, or just gain muscle, everyone needs coaching. Why? Sure, you can go onto google and look up your macros but google can’t help you with your challenges, google can’t give you permission to have some freedom with your plan. Plain and simple: Google isn’t a person that has worked with people who have had the same challenges as you, and therefore really can’t work with you to create SUSTAINABLE results.


Shifting your mindset:


Nutritional coaching is not just what you put into your body. Sure, that matters a whole lot, but even if your nutrition is on point other things can negatively affect your progress: things like stress, sleep, what’s going on at home or at work, being sick…all of these things have an impact. Good coaching is going to address all these things and help you make the small adjustments you need in order for you to move forward with your goals. Maybe that means just going to bed 15 mins earlier than normal!


Being transparent:


The most important way you can get the most out of your nutritional coaching is to be transparent. Your coach wants to know everything that is going on in your world: your stress, how your energy is, if you’re having sleep problems, or stuff’s going on at work. The more information you give your coach the more effectively they can guide you to reach your goals. And it may take some time...goals don’t happen overnight, even if all your surrounding circumstances are perfect, so we can’t expect that they are going to happen overnight when we are experiencing what we like to call opposition.


We hope these insights help you to get the most out of your coaching, whether it is with us or in another realm.

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