Fitness Programs Available!

Personal Training

Do you want to lose weight but don't know what to do in the gym? Our unique personal training programs teach you how to transform your lifestyle. Our trainers are always with you, pushing you and teaching you the right way to exercise to get serious results! If you're committed to your goals and ready for change, we'll guarantee results.

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Nutrition Coaching

Tried everything? Don't want to chase another fad diet that will leave you regaining the weight you lost? Then we should talk. Our nutrition coaching program is perfect for anyone who is ready to speed up their metabolism. Led by a team of registered dietitians, we focus on the right foods, the right amounts, the right combos, and the right timing.

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Stretch Therapy

Do you have tight muscles or pain in your body? Our stretch techs five you a one on one experience that focuses on your whole body. This isn't yoga or message, it's hands-on assisted stretching! With our stretch therapy program, you will move better, work out better, and feel better, because we reduce stress and increase mobility!

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Remote Training

You don't have to move to Delaware to get in the best shape of your life! With our nutritional coaching program, you’ll work directly with a nutritional coach through video conferencing, phone calls, and email support. Unlike many programs, our personal trainers customize your workouts so you can get stronger, and lose fat, not just weight!

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Corporate Wellness

Do you want to attract and retain the best employees? Corporate wellness is the perfect addition to your benefits program. Decrease sick days, absenteeism, and an injured workforce. You can increase productivity and morale with a customized program to meet your corporate wellness needs and budget.

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Public Speaking

These FREE educational seminars include workshops, and demonstrations. CNU Fit, LLC developed this unique educational program to increase community awareness of optimal health and wellness. The seminars are geared towards individuals of all ages, lifestyles, and health backgrounds.

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