Milford Nutritional Coach talks about The Process of Success: The Journey

Milford Nutritional Coach talks about The Process of Success: The Journey

What would it look like to achieve your biggest health and fitness dreams?

It would be an exciting journey, jam-packed with motivation, willpower, and support from everybody around you--right?

Unfortunately, not always.

In today's blog and accompanying infographic, we're pulling back the curtains on what a more realistic health and fitness journey look like.

There will definitely be:

  • Days where you want to give up
  • Days where it feels like you're working hard and seeing zero progress
  • Defeating comments and judgement from people around you
  • Mistakes where you fall off track and struggle to get back into the groove
  • Times when your routine is completely disrupted (think: travel, holidays, stress) and you want to throw in the towel
  • Moments where you revert back to old habits

But don't let this make you feel discouraged. The truth is:

Each item on that list above is an important part of any health and fitness journey, not a sign you're doing something wrong.

Here at CNU Fit, we firmly believe in the power of a growth mindset. What this means is that the only things that matter during your journey are a positive attitude and consistent effort. We embrace mistakes and challenges because they allow us to grow.

A Visual Guide to the Process of Success

We've coached thousands of clients with completely different lifestyles and goals. We've helped everyone from professional athletes to postpartum moms to executives who must travel for work every single week.

Although we coach a wide variety of clientele, we've noticed some common patters. We have seen, over and over again, that there's a major difference between what a new Metabolic Coaching Client thinks their journey should look like versus what it actually looks like.

To bring some clarity to this issue and help people know what to expect during their journeys, we want to share the below infograph:

With complete honesty and transparency, this infograph can guide you through what your nutrition journey will likely entail.

No matter which program you choose to follow, it's wise to be prepared to face the inevitable challenges and obstacles that come with making a big life change!

Now let's dive into the infograph and explore some parts of it a bit deeper.

The Beginning of the Journey

As you can see in the infograph, motivation and willpower are usually the highest right at the beginning of a new nutrition or fitness program. At the beginning of the journey we feel excited about all possibilities. We've got a clean slate and enthusiastically visualize what our ideal outcome looks and feels like. We have a list of all the things we want to achieve. Some of these "outcome goals" could be:

  • Losing a certain number of pounds
  • Changing our body composition (gaining muscle and/or losing body fat)
  • Improving our athletic performance
  • Feeling better overall

It's during a period of high motivation that most people sign up for a nutrition program like ours. So, let's say you made that decision and joined the program.

After signing up, you would likeley feel so excited for your coach to send you your customized program --maybe even ready to change your whole life!

Perhaps you'd commit to hitting the gym every day of the week, cooking every single meal from scratch at home (using only organic ingredients), and never touching sugar again.

All of those goals sound great. But let's pause for a second.

Based on our experience, achieving your health and fitness goals isn't actually about radically changing your entire life.

True transformation is about learning a new set of tools and adopting a new set of habits that will, over time, help you gradually achieve your goals and -- here is the key -- sustain the changes you made.

For most people, the struggle isn't making progress -- it's maintaining that progress over the long-haul.

Although this might sound coutnerintuitive, we recommend adopting new tools and habits one at a time rather than trying to implement a whole bunch of them at once.

Why is this so important? Because committing to changing our entire lives puts a lot of pressure and very high expectation on us. Too many changes at the same time can quickly create a lot of inconvenience in our lives.

And even worse, if we make radical life changes and don't see huge progress right away (which is rare, anyway!) -- we'll likely feel discouraged. We might feel burnt out and quit.

Having an experience like that might even make you question whether you can achieve anything at all.

That's not what we want!

Fortunately, there's a better way.

Building Your Castle

Adee Cazayoux, founder of Working Against Gravity (the communication platform we use with our clients, explains it like this: "Your absolute number one priority when working toward a goal is protecting your confidence and integrity with yourself fiercely. It's like you're building the foundation of a fortress. You have to be careful and methodical here--otherwise, the rest of your castle can crumble."

What she means is that we want to avoid aiming for a long list of very ambitious goals right at the beginning of our journey because chances are high that we won't be able to stick with all of them and create integrity and trust with ourselves. Our "foundation" will never be built.

So rather than adopting an overwhelmingly long list of new habits, we recommend "aiming low."

What this means is choosing one action or commitment that almost feels too easy. You know you've picked the right habit when you thing to yourself "Psh, of course I can do that."

Starting Your Own Journey to Success

Most of us have tried nutrition plans or diets that forced us to make some pretty intense changes to our normal routine. Maybe we stopped eating entire food groups. Maybe we stopped attending social events to avoid being tempted by foods that weren't permitted on our plan.

Chances are with any type of restrictive program like these, you ended up feeling a little resentful and deprived. And maybe those negative feelings led you to quit.

Maybe you even felt like something was wrong with you for being unable to stick with these previous programs.

At CNU Fit, we know there's a different way to approach nutrition.

Imagine a program that allows the flexibility and accountability to stay committed even when life throws curveballs in your path. Imagine not giving up when the initial excitement of a new program has passed.

Our mission is to create a program that works for you instead of requiring you to make unsustainable adjustments to your lifestyle. We like to say "a diet that doesn't bend will break."

The journey to getting big results and maintaining them isn't about the perfect diet. It's about your habits, your effort, and your attitude.


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