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CNU Fit's Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: week 2

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CNU Fit's Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: week 2

You’d think by the second week of any new fitness routine/mindset it would get easier right? Wrong. It wasn’t easier, and even though I discovered some tips and tricks to help me reach my goals, I couldn’t seem to follow my own advice.


I meal prepped last Sunday...kinda. Well, I cooked the meats and veggies for lunches and dinners but didn’t portion them, I didn’t cook my breakfasts or lay out my snacks, and I used the excuse that so many others use: I just didn’t have the time.


Confession: that’s not entirely true. I did have the time...I just spent it watching historical dramas and documentaries. Instead of feeding my body, I was feeding my mind so it’s okay right? Try giving that excuse to your coach the next time you go in and I promise you you’ll get the same answer I did: absolutely not.


On the bright side, my weigh-in last Monday went waaay better than expected: I lost 1% of body fat (hip-hip-hurray!!) and was down to 143.2 lbs from the 147.8 I was before. Granted, a lot of it was water weight but that didn’t stop me from doing a little happy dance in my office after weigh-in.


Tomorrow are my measurements so we’ll see if I’ve lost any inches, but from the amount of sugar-free Reeses I ate this weekend I’m going to wager that I haven’t.


The Reeses stemmed from two things: not meal prepping and cravings. Cravings have been extremely bad this past week, and not just because I’m on a meal plan. I have certain diet restrictions because of my GI health, so I can’t have any sugar, bread, starch, or any other thing that makes life worth living.


So no potatoes, or sugary fruits, or delicious bread, rice, or grain of any sort. And believe me, I’ve cheated before and it was a huuuuggee mistake, so I’m trying to be a good girl and stick to the diet my doctor gave me, but man is it hard. Ergo the Reeses. I figured since they were sugar free they couldn’t be that bad...I was sorely mistaken.


My only hope for this week is that I actually follow the advice I gave last week...and that the scale goes down tomorrow morning, because this morning it read 145.6. Yikes.

Maybe if I drink my weight in water today I’ll flush out my system...I’ll let you know if it works next week!

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