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CNU Fit's Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: week 3

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CNU Fit's Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: week 3

Let’s talk about self sabotage. We all do it. We don’t meal prep, we eat too much, we eat something we aren’t supposed to, we get “too busy” to work out. You know exactly what I’m talking about.


Well that’s how this past week has been for me -- all sorts of self-sabotage. #1 I didn’t meal prep, so I snacked all week. #2 I went to an event that obviously didn’t know about my dietary restrictions and at a scone...and a muffin...or two. #3 I didn’t hydrate. #4 I didn’t work out for three days.


So right about now I’m feeling pretty down about myself. I feel gross, and I know my measurements are going to reflect my discrepancies. The question is: how do I get back on track when all I want to do is give up?


The answer is pretty easy: Just do it.


It’s just as easy to make the decision to do something as it is to not do something...it just takes the willpower.


The next question is: how the heck do I find the willpower?


For me, the best motivation is old pictures. Both the ones where I look great and the ones where I look not-so-great, because they show me either something I want to work towards or something I want to get away from. And then there’s the feeling I get when I haven’t work out or ate well: poop. I feel like poop, both physically and emotionally.


That feeling can get in the way of a lot of things. It makes me irritable with friends and family, it makes me harsh on myself when I have no reason to be, and it makes me hopeless that I’ll ever reach my goals.


Clearly, this feeling has got to go.


So here’s to staying up late and meal-prepping, counting calories and doing cardio, re-committing with no excuses.


I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

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