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CNU Fit Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: Week 5

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CNU Fit Office Manager gets ready for her wedding: Week 5

So it’s been another week, but not just another week of not meal planning and not fitting in exercise. I didn’t take my measurements again this week but that’s because I sort of forgot about it, but this was the first week that I was actually serious about my meal plan and my exercise plan. So far, I’ve only worked out three days and that was because things got busy at work and I didn’t have time.


Lookie here, this excuse is like a broken record. I probably should have just sucked it up and worked out at the end of the day before I went home, but I was tired...okay bad excuse. If I want to reach my goals I’ve got to put in the work.


On the bright side, as the wedding draws near (4 and ½ months, yikes!) and I haven’t seen any improvement in my measurements I definitely have the “kick it into gear” mode going on. For me, kick it into gear means doing HITT AND steady state every day, and following my meal plan to a T.


I did run into one sticking point this week with my meal plan. I was HUNGRY. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t drinking enough water because I’ve been getting in at least 64 oz a day (sometimes double that). It was that late night hunger that ended up corrupting me so I ate a few nut bars. Buuuutttt, I accounted for it in my meal plan and adjusted accordingly so my weekly rates were still in range.


Just hopped on the scale and it says 142 so that’s definitely down, hopefully it stays that way until Monday!


A lot of the time it feels like weight loss is just a whole lot of praying and luck, but there’s actually a science behind it. This week goes to show that if you are truly compliant with your meals and exercise plan then the numbers have no choice but to go down!

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