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  • Do you like group fitness but always find that something is missing?
  • Do you feel like just a face in a crowd of drop-in participants where you’re just a number?
  • Have you found yourself feeling uncomfortable, struggling to keep up, or worse yet injured by programs that are completely one-size-fits-all?
  • Have you been struggling to find weight-loss workouts that will help you rock those skinny jeans again?

If the answer is yes, then our Small Group Strength Training is perfect for you!

We know your life is busy and it can be challenging to focus on yourself, which is why our group strength training specializes in training everyday men and women, primarily between the age of 35-40, that lead busy professional and family lives. Our group strength training program is designed to help you look and feel great again, incorporating exercises that are going to increase your energy and your confidence.

CNU Group Strength Training in Dover will Boost your Energy in 30 Minutes!

Our Small Group Strength Training offers an affordable option for those that want to lose weight, fit their clothes better, increase their confidence and boost their energy. Sessions are led by our professional personal trainers in small groups with an average of 4-12 people per session.

This is not just a cardio workout, this is a weight loss workout where you will be coached on proper form and given individual attention. Regardless of your initial fitness level, you will find this to be the best fitness class for longterm results. If you’re just getting started, we can accommodate your needs. If you are well conditioned and ready for a challenge – we can give you that push you need. With our level testing, you can constantly see the progress in strength and performance from month to month.

Here at CNU Fit, we are constantly empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Our group classes are a great way we display that. We pride ourselves in providing the same attention to safe and effective programming in our Small Group Strength Training program as we do in our personal training program. You’ll come for the results and stay for the great community environment that makes sticking with your fitness program both easy and fun!

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