CNU Fit CEO wins Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year

Dover DE: CNU Fit owner Evans Armantading was awarded Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year, as well as Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding Board Member of the year. 

Amantrading served in the Air Force for 6 years before transitioning into home sales. In 2009, after the housing market crash, he was forced to re-invent himself. After interning under local physician Dr. Calvin Wilson, Armantrading started his own fitness business traveling from client to client all across the state. Now, 11 years later, CNU Fit has two locations, as well as services DAFB with the personal trainer contract. 

Armantrading has served on the CDCC Board for over 6 years. He served as the Community Affairs Vice Chair for two years, and Organizational Development Vice Chair for one year. This year he was also appointed to be the Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee. Serving in the CDCC is an extension of Armantrading’s core values of Finances & Freedom, whereas CNU Fit is an extension of his core values of Fitness & Empowering Others.

”It’s always an honor to be recognized among so many other successful businesses and individuals,” said Armantrading. “I’m blessed to have such an amazing wife and team, both at CNU Fit and the CDCC, to support me. I give all glory to God!”




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