CNU Fit Partners with DE Turf to bring Stretch Therapy to athletes and their families

Milford, DE- Local tranformation studio CNU Fit recently partnered with the DE Turf to bring Stretch Therapy to the Turf’s athletes and their families.

CNU Fit is Kent County’s top transformation studio, helping busy professionals lose weight, fit their clothes better, and increase their energy. The company, founded by Evans Armantrading Jr, was established in 2011 and after 8 years of training over 2100 clients Armantrading realized that even with chiropractive care and massage therapy most of his clients were still in pain. Because of this, he offically launched CNU Fit’s Stretch Therapy in 2017.

Partnering with the DE Turf ‘just made sense,’ according to Armantrading. ‘While most of our clients are in their mid 40’s or older, we realized that a lot of the areas that they have pain and mobility challenges with…so do athletes. Stretching is an essential part of an athlete’s performance and recovery, but sometimes they need more than just doing stretches on their own.’

Stretch Therapy is a comprehensive program that applies various techniques to alleviate pain, reduce tightness and muscle tension, and improve flexibility performance. Therapy sessions can be conducted either before or after exercise depending on the technique, and ‘can have dramatic results even after just one session,’ says Armantrading.

Armantrading knew that partnering with the DE Turf would bring a much needed service to visiting families after multiple athletes signed up for sessions at the Dover and Milford locations before their tournaments.

One parent, Tammy Johnson, had this to say:

Thankful for Evans and his staff at CNU Fit in Dover, DE. My son is up here, from Florida, for a lacrosse tournament and has been to several tournaments prior. He was due for some much needed muscle recovery. I searched Google and found CNU Fit. Evans gave my son a great stretch that left him feeling ready to go for an important lacrosse weekend in Delaware.’

While the busy season at the Turf is almost over, Armantrading and his team look forward to next year when they can fully offer their services to visiting and local athletes at the Turf.



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