CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients Of 2017: Day 1- Pete Renzi

Happy New Year everyone!

With the New Year comes a lot of new goals and aspirations, but that doesn’t erase the past year of hard work and determination that our clients here at CNU Fit have been exhibiting! To start this year off with a bang, we want to highlight some of our clients for coming to CNU Fit every day with a positive attitude, ready to reach for and conquer their goals! These clients are the embodiment of what it means to be a part of the CNU Fit Family and inspire us on a daily basis to show up motivated and passionate about what we do! Without them we wouldn’t be Kent County’s leading personalized fitness coaching company for successful, busy professionals to lose weight, fit their clothes better, increase their confidence, and boost their energy!

For Day 1 we want to highlight Pete Renzi, Director of Operations at IG Burton, and Honorary Commander of Carlisle Fire Company at Dover Air Force Base.

Like so many other busy professionals that come to CNU Fit, Pete had gained some weight over the years.  He was never a consistent gym member because he did not prioritize himself above his work and other responsibilities and couldn’t find the time to fit fitness into his busy schedule. He had no energy and didn’t fit into most of the clothes he had in his closet, but couldn’t find the motivation or accountability system to keep up a consistent healthy lifestyle.

One of Pete’s biggest concerns with beginning his fitness journey was getting hurt. He didn’t have the confidence to go to a big commercial gym and work out on his own because he knew that an injury would prevent him from maximizing his potential and could stunt the success of his company. When he stepped in CNU Fit, however, he realized that he didn’t have to go to a gym on his own to get amazing results — all he needed was an attentive, knowledgeable, and passionate support system that would be there for him through every step of the process. 

Pete has showed up every day with enthusiasm, and the results are amazing!

Since coming to CNU Fit simple tasks don’t wear Pete out anymore; he has plenty of energy and motivation to be productive at both work and home. He has more energy and more confidence than ever before — especially since he can now fit into suits that he hasn’t fit in during the past five years!

Pete participates in both CNU Fit’s Metabolic Coaching program and our Personal Training program, and attributes his success to the unique approach CNU Fit takes in educating our clients on how a healthy lifestyle isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal — CNU Fit takes the time to get to know each individual client’s needs and goals in order to help them lose weight, fit their clothes better, increase their confidence, and boost their energy.

Because of his hard work, Pete is now down over 36 pounds and has lost 5% body fat! He’s looking great and feeling great and we can’t wait to see him keep accomplishing his goals! Keep up the good work Pete, we are so proud of you!


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