CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients of 2017: Day 10 – Jen Hood

For a lot of people, medical issues are a huge reason for why they can’t lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. We see a lot of that with our clients: they have a medical issue and don’t have the knowledge or support to work around it and create the sustainable healthy lifestyle they desire.

For Jen Hood, number 10 in our Top 12 Clients of 2017, her blood sugar was the biggest component keeping her from a healthy lifestyle. She didn’t know what she could eat to help her reach her weight loss goals, but she also found herself so food-restricted that she couldn’t enjoy having meals with her family without being worried about her blood sugar dropping.

For years, Jen had weight-loss and nutrition goals that she couldn’t mee because she was afraid nothing would work. She was coached by multiple nutritionists and personal trainers over the years, but none that treated her like an individual and took the time to listen to what she needed without placing her in a standardized program.

Teddi White, a former client at CNU Fit who achieved sustainable weight loss after struggling to keep the weight off after her lap band surgery, told Jen that CNU Fit was the only place she could go to that would meet her individual needs.


Unlike traditional gyms or nutritionists, CNU Fit has a registered dietician named Crystal Hurley, who specializes in dietary and medical restrictions for nutrition. Her full time job is at BayHealth where she works with clients who are trying to lose weight in order to get the lap band surgery.


When Jen signed up her goal was clear: she wanted to increase the amount of food she could eat without the negative blood sugar reactions she had experienced for years. She was worried that the metabolic coaching program at CNU Fit would be like all the other programs, but after the first session she realized that she would get the individualized attention she needed in order to solve her problem.


“Every day was a challenge to closely monitor my reaction to foods,” she said. “There were a few setbacks along the way but Crystal was instrumental in helping me work through those road bumps.”


After a lot of hard work and dedication, Jen got to a place where she didn’t have to worry about what she ate as diligently, and could finally enjoy eating meals with her family.


“I am empowered by the fact that this condition doesn’t have to control my life anymore,” she said.


We are so happy that we could help Jen increase her quality of life and meet the goals she set for herself.


To those that have the same medical issues as Jen, she gives this advice: “Reach out for support.  Be honest with yourself and your team – that is the only way to truly identify and develop potential solutions to issues.”


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