CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients of 2017: Day 11 – Kevin Mills

We at CNU Fit don’t believe that you shouldn’t have to chose between building a career, family or anything else and being Fit. We also believe that there should be a simple process that allows you to enjoy some treats and still reached your fitness goals. Fitness shouldn’t have to be so rigid, arduous, or for the young alone.


Today we want to highlight someone who has seen these beliefs put into action: Mr. Kevin Mills.


As Kevin reached his 50’s he realized that for the past few years he had taken no time to make fitness a part of his everyday lifestyle. Although he did play volleyball regularly, Kevin failed to address his nutrition and lack of exercise and so he put on weight that his doctor’s told him would be detrimental to his health.


At around 285-290 pounds, Kevin’s doctors told him he was “pre-everything:” pre-diabetic, pre-high cholesterol, high blood pressure, you name it — his doctors warned him that if he didn’t drop his weight within normal ranges he would have to be put on multiple medications.


Kevin didn’t want that to happen to him, so he did some research.


As he was searching for help, he came across a few of CNU Fit’s testimonials. What struck him is that our clients don’t just lose weight, but the get muscle tone and become stronger. Kevin also knew Rob Carter, a former client of ours who lost 70 pounds while he was with us and got off the medication he was on because of his weight.


This was exactly what Kevin needed!


Because Kevin was familiar with the gym, he felt comfortable about going to the gym on his own –what he needed was the guidance and the support from the CNU Fit trainers on what to do, but what’s more is he needed the education and accountability from our metabolic coaches.


Kevin signed up for Metabolic Coaching, which provides the knowledge to our clients of how to give your body the nutrients it needs in order to reach your goals. At 9:00 pm on the first night of his program, he received a text message from his coach saying he wasn’t eating enough. It was at that moment he realized CNU Fit was like no other, and that he would not be able to find the same type of truly personalized care anywhere else.


“You feel like you’re coming to friends,” is what he said during his testimonial video (which can be found on our Youtube channel and Facebook page).


But what blew his mind even more is that he could still live his life the way he wanted. It became second nature to him because he could still eat a lot of the things he wanted to, but now he has the education to know how much and when he can eat it.


He was surprised at how easy it was to slightly alter his lifestyle and commit!


“The pounds just fell off in the first few months,” he said.


Now Kevin fits in his clothes better, knows what he needs to do to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and no longer has to worry about needing medication — his doctors say he is within the normal range for everything! Kevin is looking great and feeling great and we couldn’t be more excited for him.


To anyone who is ready and committed to reaching their goals, Kevin has this to say: “If you want to reach your goals, this is the place!”


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