CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients of 2017: Day 2 – Arden Bardol

As we move farther away from 2017, we here at CNU Fit continue to reflect on how blessed we are to have such wonderful and dedicated clients! It was extremely difficult picking twelve clients from 2017 that truly embody what it means to be part of the CNU Fit family because each and every one of our clients brings something unique with them when they step in the studio.

Without them we wouldn’t be Kent County’s leading personalized fitness coaching company for successful, busy professionals to lose weight, fit their clothes better, increase confidence, and boost their energy, and we are so grateful for the inspiration they bring to our lives!

For day two of announcing the top twelve, we want to highlight Arden Bardol, owner and creator of Arden Bardol Jewelry.

Arden has been a client at CNU Fit for over two years, but she started out much like a lot of our clients: frustrated about losing strength as she aged, unmotivated because she lacked an accountability system, and concerned about injuring herself in a big gym without the guidance and support of a professional trainer.

Arden understood that maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be essential to “staying young” in her heart, mind, and body, and so she decided to sign up for CNU Fit’s “Little Black Dress Challenge.” But she was weary about trying a workout challenge because she knew that while challenges may work as a kick start to a fitness journey, for many they often fall short of fully establishing the healthy habits that will create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

It wasn’t long, however, until Arden realized that the trainers at CNU Fit would be with her through every step of the process, from cheering her on and challenging her in her workouts to being the reminder that the path to a healthy lifestyle  is not a “one size fits all” concept.

After completing the “Little Black Dress Challenge,” Arden realized that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle she needed to continue to work with our trainers. She had seen her strength increase throughout the challenge but knew that if she wanted to reach her full potential and create sustainable healthy habits one challenge was not going to be enough. So she signed on for personal training.

Now two years later, Arden has increased her strength dramatically and found greater confidence in herself and her abilities! She is no longer afraid of injuring herself while exercising because she knows she has the support and guidance of her CNU Fit trainers.

Stepping in our personalized fitness coaching studio is now part of her regular routine, and — thanks to our appointment based system — she is able to schedule her sessions ahead of time so that no matter how hectic her schedule may become she always has time to come in and continue to reach her goals.

And because our clients have access to health coaches and our own registered dietician, Arden also picked up some healthy nutrition habits along the way! Now she feels good about what she puts in her body and has the knowledge to eat well on her own.

We are so impressed with Arden’s dedication and hard work! We cannot wait to see her crush her goals in 2018! Keep up the hard work Arden, you make us so proud!


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