CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients of 2017: Day 3 – Joseph Simmons

It’s time for number 3 of our Top 12 Clients of 2017!

Joseph Simmons came to CNU Fit in the middle of last year looking to start a healthier lifestyle. Like many of our clients, Joseph struggled to lose weight in the past and didn’t have the guidance and support needed to sustain healthy habits.

He had gained weight over the years because he didn’t have the time or energy to fit fitness into his everyday life, but as he got older he realized that one of his main goals was to be around for his grandchildren– he didn’t want to be one of those grandparents who couldn’t run and play.

Disease prevention is another one of Joseph’s drivers. Joseph, who is 52, is well aware that the likelihood of generating some sort of disease increases dramatically after the age of 50, and the probability increases more when an individual does not lead a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone, but for Joseph it meant losing 60 pounds, gaining strength, and increasing cardiovascular strength.

CNU Fit wasn’t Joseph’s first time with a personal trainer; he had sought out a trainer from another gym prior to giving us a call, but he soon realized that in order to reach his goal of losing 60 pounds he needed to have support and accountability in a non-intimidating environment –something that can’t be found in a big commercial gym.

Joseph heard about us at a local barber shop and was intrigued by the way we approach training — through personalized fitness coaching. Personalized fitness coaching combines regular assessments, strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to give individuals the support and accountability they need in order to boost their metabolism and reach their goals.

After doing some research, Joseph knew that he had to give us a shot, especially if he wanted to create a sustainable lifestyle and lose weight, fit his clothes better, increase his confidence, and boost his energy.

We are blessed that Joseph has benefited from two of our programs, both personal training and metabolic coaching, in which he works with trainers and a health coach under the guidance of our registered dietician.

Joseph has shown up to every session with a smile on his face and a ton of enthusiasm, and it has definitely paid off! So far he has lost over 30 pounds, but that isn’t all he’s achieved! He feels stronger and more confident, and his increased his cardiovascular strength dramatically.

Now Joseph has an easier time keeping up with his grandkids, but can also accomplish more throughout his day without getting tired!

We are so proud of you Joseph for continuing to make strides towards your goals! We can’t see what this year has in store for you!


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