CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients of 2017: Day 4 – Caroline Foltz

For number 4 of CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients of 2017, we want to give a huge shoutout to Caroline Foltz!

Caroline started with CNU Fit in 2016 after a series of injuries kept her out of the gym. Despite being a four year athlete in college and riding horses throughout her youth, Caroline had gotten to a point where she was fearful that if she worked out without professional support and guidance she would end up injuring herself further.

She had the discipline but she didn’t have the knowledge, support, or guidance she needed to make effective workouts that would meet her goals of slimming down her midsection and thighs, and gaining strength and mobility in her quads and hamstrings — where the majority of her injuries were.

That’s where CNU Fit came in!

Caroline joined CNU Fit’s group strength training program, which focuses on strength, conditioning, and mobility exercises in a group motivated setting. Through the exercises, attention, and support from our certified personal trainers Caroline gained the accountability and guidance she had been looking for.

And because the group strength training program operates on a consistent class schedule, Caroline was able to make working out an everyday part of her routine, which caused a huge lifestyle change. Instead of basing her goals off of an upcoming event, like a vacation or her upcoming wedding (congrats again Caroline!), Caroline is now focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle no matter what is on her upcoming schedule.

Caroline tracks her progress in our group strength training program by our FitRanx leveling system, which takes her age and gender and provides standards to which she can strive. She is currently a level 2 out of 8 and continues to improve, attributing part of her success to the way the trainers treat all our clients like family.

We are so proud of you Caroline and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings you! Keep up the hard work; we love seeing your smiling face at our 6:00 AM class!


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