CNU Fit’s Top 12 Clients of 2017: Day 6 – Tonda Parks

It’s almost halfway through the month of January, but we’re not done recognizing the accomplishments of our clients who have worked so hard in 2017 to reach their goals! Today we want to recognize Tonda Parks, not only for her dedication, positive attitude, and hard work, but because she is a great representation of what it means to be a part of the CNU Fit family!

Like so many of our clients, Tonda had let her other obligations get in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As she approached 60, she began worrying about her quality of life and what it might be like moving forward if she lost weight, fit her clothes better, increased her confidence and boosted her energy.

Her every day was filled with pain: she was beginning to suffer from arthritis, but also suffered from injuries she sustained during an accident some years ago and didn’t want to spend the years moving forward taking medication for pain. Her blood pressure had also increased over the years and she had a hard time keeping it down.

She was frustrated and ready for a lifestyle change.

One day while at her Doctor’s office she found a flyer for CNU Fit and was impressed by the different programs we had to offer. This was back in 2011 when CNU Fit was still a small and growing company – but despite our size, Tonday saw the opportunity to lose weight, increase her confidence, and live life pain free.

Tonda has now been a client for over 6 years, and continues to work hard to maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. One of Tonda’s original goals was to increase her balance and mobility, because she wanted to minimize the risk of injury and falling as she aged. Since starting, Tonda has reached and surpassed her goals!

Tonda has made CNU Fit a consistent part of her schedule and the results have been amazing! Tonda has been able to keep her blood pressure within normal limits, increase her balance and stability, and lose weight which has allowed relief for her aching joints. Tonda was even able to get off her cholesterol medicine because of the education CNU Fit provides on nutrition and anatomy!

An additional benefit that Tonda had not expected is that she has been able to reduce the co-pays for her chiropractic and doctor’s appointments because of her healthy lifestyle. Not only that but she doesn’t have to go to the doctors as often, and no longer has to pay for her cholesterol medication!

Her investment at CNU Fit has saved her money and increased her quality of life dramatically!

We are so proud of how far Tonda has come since 2011, and we are blessed that she continues to brighten our days with her hard work and dedication.

Keep up the good work Tonda! We look forward to another 6 years with you!


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