Dieting Lie Revealed by DE Personal Trainer


You’ve done the research, you have dieting down to a science. You know that weight loss is all about basic math: burn more calories than you are taking in. However, the scale is not moving the way it should. Evans Armantrading, Jr., owner of CNU Fit, reveals the biggest lie in the dieting world and why you aren’t reaching your fitness goals.

When you begin your weight loss journey you will undoubtedly come across several fad diets. Smoothie cleanses are all the rage to rapidly lose fat. Certain celebrities are saying veganism is the only way – eliminate animal fat, eat as many carbs as you want! Do you need a cleanse that involves only raw fruits and veggies to jump start your diet? Should you only buy organic and implement clean eating with whole foods?

In essence none of these dieting changes will get you to your goals in a timely manner if you have ruined your metabolism. What? Is that possible? Every fitness guru is being faced with the question of whether or not metabolic damage really exists. Trust us, it is very real. Metabolic damage typically happens when your body is exposed to an extreme and rapid calorie deficit. Symptoms include a slow digestive system (read: decrease bowel movements), increased colds/illness (weak immune system) and hair loss. Additionally, you will not maintain a healthy weight loss.


A crash diet or smoothie cleanse will decrease your calories which will initially decrease weight, but as you are dropping those calories, your metabolism is slowing down to accommodate. In your heart you know sudden food restriction breeds sudden cravings. Add your occasional binge to a super slow metabolism… your weight rockets back up. Rather than bounce back and forth between diet after diet, your goal should be to maintain health. Remember, fitness isn’t about dieting, it’s a lifestyle.

What Can You Do?

You can remedy this imbalance with a quick consultation in our office. We offer a complete body analysis that determines the balance of macronutrients required to promote fat burning and weight loss. Your body NEEDS protein, carbohydrates and fat for optimal health. Especially relevant, knowing the right numbers can make or break your fitness goals.

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