Now, you’re probably asking yourself: what are they talking about? Aren’t they a gym?

And our answer to that would be no! There is a distinct difference between a gym and a private studio, and while most fitness facilities are projected to open June 1st (ourselves included ), you should definitely proceed with caution when it comes to returning to big gyms.

When it comes to big gyms they’re biggest concern is one thing: getting memberships. You know it’s bad when they have to start advertising that they are now cleaning thoroughly. Shouldn’t they have already been doing that?

The reality is that big gyms are kind of gross. They have a hard time regulating cleaning the equipment because of how many people use it, not to mention they are usually staffed with limited personal: front desk people focused on selling memberships, and maybe trainers who are focused on getting more training clients.

With private studios the focus is on the clients. There’s already not a lot of people in the facility at one time so cleaning can happen at a higher and more efficient level, as well as the attention is 100% on the client. 

At CNU Fit, we consider ourselves a transformation studio. We empower frustrated professionals dealing with pain and anxiety about their health to feel good in their skin, fit their favorite clothes, and have energy all day.

For those who are concerned about their health, consider a small boutique facility, because it is possible to reach your fitness goals safely during this time.

Speaking about safety…let’s go over the procedures CNU Fit will be using moving forward to add additional safety for our clients.

New policies:

  1. All clients will wash their hands upon entry! We have hand sanitizer as well for extra cleanliness
  2. Fist bumps only…no hugs or high fives We love our end of workout high fives and hugs, but in order to keep every one safe we’ll have to stick with fist bumps our air high fives. Don’t worry! As soon as we can we’ll get back to it!
  3. No face coverings will be required . Working out with a mask is just plain uncomfortable and can limit breathing when you’re working out, so we are not forcing folks to wear them. 
  4. 6′ Rule – We have moved all of our equipment so that everyone will be 6 feet apart at all times. 
  5. No touchy: We won’t be touching you! This is super different from our traditional coaching style where we may help you make adjustments using our hands, for now we’ll be relying on verbal cueing only, just like we did with remote. At the end of each session we’ll verbally guide you through stretches.
  6. When you’re finished, wipe it down! While we traditionally wipe down equipment after each session we’re asking for your help! Just like at a traditional gym we ask that you wipe down the equipment after you use it, and we’ll wipe it down at the end of each session as well.
  7. Wash your hands at the end of the session
  8. At the end of each shift we’ll be wiping down all door handles
  9. Our regular cleaning protocols already meet the COVID-19 guidelines.

We are super excited to be opening and we want to encourage everyone to come in, however if you are high risk or don’t feel comfortable, don’t worry because we are keeping remote coaching permanently! 

We want everyone to operate with their own level of comfortability, so if you are high risk or frequently exposed to high risk folks use your own judgement. We will be here to support you no matter what!

And always remember: if you do feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to let us know! If you’re coming in in person and think we’re too close just let us know, it won’t hurt our feelings! We are here to serve you!

We can’t wait to see ya’ll in person on June 1st! And YES we are still accepting new clients, so please reach out to us by requesting a consultation, or if you want to try remote training click the banner below!


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