Dover Nutrition Expert talks about how to eat at a BBQ

It’s Father’s Day weekend, and a beautiful one at that what with the blue skies and hot weather–in other words it’s a perfect weekend for a BBQ. For those of us who are trying to reach out goals, however, BBQ’s can spell disaster if we don’t go in with a plan to divide, conquer, and stay on the path toward our goals.

So how do we resist all the delicious temptations that can be at a BBQ? While it might not be easy to do in the moment, there are some easy strategies you can use to be able to go to a BBQ and stay on track.

Eat before you go


If you’re trying to stick to a certain way of eating, then going to a party for five hours or more can definitely put a hold on it. One way to make sure you eat less at a BBQ that you plan on staying at for a while is to eat right before you go. This will hold you off until near the end of the party and will allow you to avoid the snacks and food until it’s time for you to eat again. Remember, it’s okay to say that you aren’t hungry when someone offers you a plate!


Avoid socializing near the food table


It’s inevitable: the snack table. There’s always one at a BBQ no matter where you go, and it’s always going to be full of chips, salads (and not of the vegetable variety) and desserts that are sure to tempt you. So one way to steer clear of them is to socialize AWAY from the table. Try staying active– there’s bound to be some games or something at the party, so focus your energy on that and NOT the food!

Pick lean proteins and vegetables


At a BBQ it’s pretty easy to stick to lean proteins because there’s usually always grilled chicken or fish. And if there isn’t stick to the leanest meat possible–this means avoiding the hotdogs and opting more for the hamburgers because at least some of the fat in the red meat will drip off.




Fill up on water! Avoid the sugary drinks like soda, and if you do decide you want some make sure to drink plenty of water to balance it out. If you are well-hydrated you are less likely to be hungry as well, so you won’t feel the need to overeat.


Avoid Extra Sauces


This is a sneaky source of calories that you definitely don’t need if you are trying to stick to a health goal. BBQ Sauces are more often than not filled with a ton of sugar and calories in a very small amount of sauce. So if you can, avoid slathering on the sauce and opt for sauce free or sugar free sauced if available.


We hope these tips help you move forward in success during the BBQ Season. And happy father’s day to all those dads out there! We appreciate everything you do!.


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